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Why is Pfizer FDA approved and Moderna is not?

@apple_dumplin @HaleakalaCrater I am so sick of hearing this called “horse dewormer”. It was originally developed as an antiparasitic for humans. When I was vet technician, it was used for heart worm and other parasites in dogs (which had been approved for canine use long after it was a human drug). The vets could write a prescription and people could pick it up as a generic at the regular pharmacy if they couldn’t afford the “dog” brand.
So sick of the spin from media who don’t have a clue.

How do we get a candidate in 2024 to run on a Bitcoin standard platform?

Who see's interest rates going up and monetary policy tightening? Before you start laughing, give it a thought! It's been too long since we've had a correction cycle and now that power has been consolidated in the government, it seems a perfect time to tighten the screws and bring the American people to heel. What better way to make people more dependent on the government than to crush the economy.

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