Dehumanize the unvaxxed relatives so you won’t protest when they’re taken to camps.

I feel like we're all playing Jeopardy. The answer is always more shots and we're just looking for more questions.


liar, liar, liar.

You're not gonna sell your bitcoin!!

Sounds like what they’ve done with the stock market they want to extend that to any peice of land on earth with value. Buy the land, repackage as a security, sell the security but maintain control of how the land is used. Scary times we live in.

What do I need to do to be ready? Note: I’m stuck in Cali.

@becassine @crunklord420 @pete

I don't know if Canada is like the US, but it's basically a bunch of unhealthy overweight people trying to lecture everyone else about what they should do with their body.


Paid government, paid news, paid promotors and stupid people who don’t realize it.

People don’t understand that the news is just paid propaganda


It’s even worse in the US where they jab 12 year olds with a full dose but propose jabbing 11 year olds with 1/3.


We’re building our own Fema camps, that’s why. They are also building camps in the UK, set to open in January.

Just found out a good way to get banned from Twitter is to ask: "Is the vaccine is no longer effective after 6 months due to shedding all the spike proteins?"

‪3 shots or your considered unvaccinated. Now if you die from the booster within 2 weeks, does that get filed under unvaccinated death?‬

How long until we conscript the people we just fired and force them to get the vaccine or face court martial and go to jail?

Scary precedent we've just started in NY.

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