I feel like we're all playing Jeopardy. The answer is always more shots and we're just looking for more questions.

Just found out a good way to get banned from Twitter is to ask: "Is the vaccine is no longer effective after 6 months due to shedding all the spike proteins?"

‪3 shots or your considered unvaccinated. Now if you die from the booster within 2 weeks, does that get filed under unvaccinated death?‬

How long until we conscript the people we just fired and force them to get the vaccine or face court martial and go to jail?

Scary precedent we've just started in NY.

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How long until we need more military and we enact the draft?

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How long until we fire all the unvaccinated police and replace them with the military?

Did the exploits on phones and computers just get to the point where every major political leader is being blackmailed
Black Mirror style? I know we all have our vices, imagine if someone tracked every detail of your life via your devices and then pile on some Epstein island blackmail for the rest and soon you have every politician under your thumb. They can’t all have lost their minds at once, can they?

How is it possible we can't find enough people to work at hospitals, drive school busses, do construction jobs, but there is an endless stream of scammers calling to sell me extended warranties and interest rate promos.

Is Biden's mandate going to create the greatest health care crisis this country has ever seen?

Who is paying for all the horse paste articles?

What does a vaccinated card really mean at this point besides for, "I complied."


Slightly higher chance of being infected if “vaccinated”. Very consistent with the Providence town study. When do we stop calling it a vaccine if it increases your risk of contracting corona virus?

Dumb question, why are we trying to crash the dollar? The spending is insane. If the US goes bankrupt, do the creditors get the 25% of US land the government controls? Who's got dibs on Yosemite? Pardon my ignorance.

Either that or the unvaxxed will be blamed for something on Sept 11th and the passing of the law will be celebrated by the media.

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They will pass this and it will barely be on the news due to Sept 11th. Newsom is set to potential be recalled Sept 14th

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So the CA legislature has pulled in the vote for a state wide vaccination passport to Sept 10th after prepping us for this on Sept 11th. The timing now makes sense.

I can’t get over the fact that Afghanistan is just a smoke screen to gloss over all the shit happening in the US with vaccine passports. California just announced they are looking to implement a state wide vaccine passport and it’s crickets from the media. Afghanistan is terrible but the shit going on back home is about to bring down the greatest country in the world. Lifetime enslavement in medical apartheid and nobody gives 2 fucks.

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