You honestly think the fed is going to stand by and allow this to continue unabated?

Keeping the s&p going up and to the right is their third mandate after all.

QE soon™️

What’s your Bitcoin OG handicap?

Your handicap is the amount of years you wasted not buying/mining since the first block in 2009.

I’m an unfortunate 8.

Dear Committee on Energy and Commerce, @nic__carter has some corrective words for you on Thursday's hearing "Cleaning Up Cryptocurrency: The Energy Impacts of Blockchains" @BrianBrooksUS take notes. Give us a fair shake @pallonefornj @cathymcmorris @RepBobbyRush @RepFredUpton

And i would listen to that song on my soundblaster speakers for a whole day until the next day when we could rip another song after school.

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I'm old enough to remember when a friend and i "ripped" music from an audio CD to mp3 and transfer it between us using compressed 3.5" stiffys. ONE. SONG. AT. A, TIME.

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An overview of our project. Including the location of our headquarters (shared with @the_surfer_kids) and the shops in the accepting as payment.

Will update this map as we onboard more merchants and slowly expand. Yes. Slowly.

The overwhelming amount of bearishness on here can mean only one thing.

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