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👋 A new block was found on the network. We're at block height 749368, current price is $24806.26 and there are 187891872690011 left to mine.

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👋 A new block was found on the network. We're at block height 749235, current price is $24796.56 and there are 187974997690011 left to mine.

Listening to my angry late 90’s early 2000’s punk rock playlist and reminiscing about the good old days. Those were simpler (and better) times. Many of you weren’t born yet.

Strike will literally team up with visa and release a card in the states instead of fucking bringing their services to “the global south”. Smh.

I’m not a big sportyball supporter but i’m going to watch the springboks annihilate the kiwis tomorrow. New zealand doesn’t even have any bitcoiners as far as i know, bunch of fiat statists.

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@JeremyClarkson Is it true the government are offering farmers a lump sum to retire from farming?

These new “related tweets” in the comments of tweets is stupid.

Why am i seeing so many videos of pitbull on my timeline lately?

Show me an honest shitcoiner and i’ll show you a respectable politician.

Not that i really care but can someone give me a 35000ft overview of what happened/is happening with eth?

List of things i would rather do than listen to this:
- Perform my own circumcision
- watch paint dry
- read the communist manifesto
- memorize pi to the 333rd decimal
- drink a liter of seed oil

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