Checking in.
Great to have this as a fallback if/when twitter falls apart.
Bullish btw 😅

Looks like I’ll be spending more time on mastodon going forward...

Think of bitcoin as the territory of your country. How much of it do you own?

Turns out Roger Ver is 95% Clown.
Actually thought it would be higher, but spreadsheets don't lie..

Kicking the can down the road is an awesome tactic, until you run out of road.

The world is absolutely brimming with ignorant lies and propaganda. Most people are affected. The social cost of outspoken wokeness is high, often leading to a slow capitulation back into blindness.
Thus, the clearest insights often come from young, autistic basement dwellers.

PS: I am not young, autistic or dwelling in a basement. Just a fan.

Bitcoin was always destined to win. To eat the world. I felt it from the first second.

From then on there has been nothing but validation. We will see total hyperbitcoinization of the world. It can’t not happen. Hodlers know this deep within.

Bitcoin is wise and strong. Don’t try to fuck with bitcoin. You will lose.

To actively work against bitcoin, to plot its demise, to disinform and lie to lead people away from it. To take the side of those wanting to control, censor, manipulate and suppress. To be an enemy of freedom.

These are despicable acts, and history will judge you harshly for it.

Another day, another hashrate ATH.

Disconnect between price and fundamentals continue to grow. Pressure has been building for a long time. Real chart violence is on the cards when this blows up.

If you are not bullish on bitcoin you are wrong.


@The1brand7 - Just arrived, lots of good thoughts and insights

Helping bcash is unethical. In the long run, helping bcash will hurt many more people than if it is allowed to die now. Helping bcash means the confusion and propaganda spread by it's owners gets more life, and the tentacles of bcash in applications continue to exist. This is not a matter of “healthy competition”. “MIT anti-Bitcoin” ops...and no, contributing to Core is not a free pass to help bad actors. SHOCKING.

According to Kevin Pham he does not possess the 'audacity' to qualitatively decide between BCash and Bitcoin.
Holds same amount of both coins, and waits for marked to tell him what is the optimal solution.

Is this man a bad actor?

Family and friends when they ask me how bitcoin is doing, and I tell them it's down 70% from the top, but fundamentals are awesome and I've never been more bullish

Pull request to change the TOOT button to say HODL

The bitcoin market cap makes me ashamed on behalf of all the rich people in the world

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