Elizabeth Warren's daughter shot up in the ranks of establishment power exactly after Sen. Warren was tapped chair of the TARP bailouts in 2008. Deep connections with Soros and the laundering machine.

The CDC and FDA have been working in concert with Pfizer to suppress the truth and cover up the biggest fraud in history. It has all been well documented from the beginning...and explaining this fact away will not save you.

💥 Banking GIANT Credit Suisse report: "After this war, money will never be the same. will benefit."

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Greg Reese: Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine

It's embarrassing to not post an update for over a year, but IPFS Podcasting now allows participating nodes to favorite feeds providing unlimited hosting on IPFS.

This offers decentralized storage & hosting of entire feeds with a single click.

Podcasters & listeners can collectively self host podcasts, contributing value through the sharing of bandwidth & storage.

Here is a brief explanation how to Favorite a Feed.

Hello Bitcoiners. I got booted off Twitter with no explaination, so I am back and hopefully more active here.

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