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🇦🇺For Australians 🇦🇺 Setting up a bitcoin SMSF could mean a huge difference for your retirement.

The 7 steps to freedom:
1. Register and Activate your SMSF fund (e.g. via service like when done you get an SMSF Bank Account, Broker account for stonks and SMSF ABN+Fund name. Use your new SMSF info to register for an aussie exchange in the name of your fund (e.g.

Cost: You will pay approx $600 out of pocket to setup your own corporate trustee

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THREAD: In 1900, Nikola Tesla predicted intelligent machines, with minds, that compete against each other for a "maximum rate of energy-delivery" which would end wars and bloodshed, and bring about global peace.

Tesla predicted Proof of Work mining.

I can't find any mention of Myron Fagan in your show notes, @adam @Johncdvorak if you have time I recommend a listen

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I am not normally into conspiracy content, but this 1967 recording by Myron Fagan sent shivers down my spine, much of what was discussed in what were future plans in 1967, are playing out today. Intriguing!

Many Americans don't seem to understand how Marxism works in practice. In China, where a strong form of Marxism used to be practiced under Mao, the government, alternatively the CCP, promulgated a doctrine called 人民民主专政, transliterally, the people's democratic dictatorship. This is textbook doublespeak. Here is how it works.

1) The people (everyone) are categorized into "people" (sheep) and "enemies" based on their social classes and ideologies by a small group of elites (CCP leadership) who install themselves as the representatives of the "people."

2) The "enemies" are then destroyed ruthlessly usually aided by concerned "people" without any protection of the law.

3) Any "people" disloyal to the CCP judged by the thought police are recategorized as "enemies" and destroyed accordingly.

US Left is positioning itself as the voice of the people and moving to categorize them through all means. They are pushing America into hell.

Ahh shit I've discovered they've inserted a new device admin called "Screen lock security" which allows Google play to change the password rules on my device. When this process is DISABLED and the android is rebooted, the Screen Lock Security device admin is reinstated.

What the fuck is going on lol

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My android device of 3+ years automatically had the secure startup and disc encryption disabled after the latest update. Make sure to check this has not happened to you!

Electrum can now download the Bitcoin whitepaper from the Bitcoin blockchain.

An 18th century philosophy known as American Pragmatism defines truth as “the end of inquiry.”

Inquire deeply enough about central banking and you’ll find its truth: theft.

Inquire deeply enough about and you’ll find its truth: work.

Anyone heard of this before?
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Decentralized chat, Delta Chat, uses email servers to distribute messages back and forth. No phone number required. Can chat with anyone via their email address.

Making a "Recovery Card" to ship w/ the coming Tamper Evident Opaque bags.

This card will be two sided, same stock as the COLDCARD seed-card but the same size as a SEEDPLATE. (5x3")

Anything I'm missing that could be helpful and related?

If you're running a AMD Ryzen 5 3000 model make sure to keep that BIOS updated there is a nasty RNG / RDRAND issue with earlier versions:

First toot from pixel 3a converted to grapheme os. Next I need to get apps on here.

"The daily newspaper has effectively replaced education, and anyone who lays claim to culture or education, even a scholar, typically relies on a sticky layer of journalism."

— Friedrich Nietzsche

If you use Android and you like free speech, DON'T USE TUSKY. The developers of Tusky have already demonstrated that they're pro-censorship assholes. Use Husky (a fork without the censorship bullshit) or use Fedilab.

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