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I'm gonna buy so much corn with our tax dollars.

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If the Libertarian Party wants to be taken seriously they should loudly embrace Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an attack on central banking.

Which I happen to love.

The folks who are vehemently against the existence of Bitcoin are fuckin communists.

How many of you are completely off of ALL the major social media platforms?

Alright folks, what are some other things I should troubleshoot while setting up myNode

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@minnow There's different levels of what you can see. Home = posts/boosts by the people you follow. Local timeline = posts by people on this instance (there's rules against spam here so yeah, an obvious spammer would get yeeted). Federated timeline = posts that this instance knows of, e.g. because someone from here follows the person who posted/boosted it.

How long should it take for myNode to sync the corn blockchain?

I bought the dip twice today because I hate being poor

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Bitcoin bitcoin the magic froot, the more you stack the more you toot

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