It is high time for everyone involved in Bitcoin to stop concerning themselves with the question of the identity of Nakamoto, and accept that it does not matter to the operation of the technology, in the same way that the inventor of the wheel no longer matters.
-Saifedean Ammous

Vijay Boyapati :
"Everyone wants to find the next Bitcoin so they can make 10,000% per year.
Sorry to break it you, but Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin and the shitcoin you just bought is the next Enron."

Listening to people talk about price with such assurance reminds me of being on chair lifts in Squaw Valley listening to the Bay Area blowhards talk stock picks. I suggest everyone design your life so it is all "fuck you" money. That's the best defense.

I am totally indifferent to people's "crypto origin stories." I don't care about how early you were to bitcoin or cryptocurrency; I care about the quality of your thought!

There are lots of wrong & early people, and lots of nuanced and late people. Some of the best Bitcoin thinkers are totally new to the protocol.

Stay in your lane Bitcoin Boy - WCN podcast, I dont know but that line had me chuckling for a while....

@bitcoinedu love the inspiring quotes, pics and memes. Thank you.

Bitcoins don't need to be changed into dollars any more than email needs to be printed.

Bitcoin isn't here to make the old ways better, it is here to make those old ways obsolete.

Just checked CoinMarketCap.....

And it currently looks like:

1 BTC = 1 BTC

From #Reddit #Bitcoin: Coinbase CEO: In the next 3–5 years, you will see countries going into economic crisis and could see the organic adoption of cryptocurrencies #Bitcoin

@thecoinpod heard your podcast with zap. Wow. Great information and a wonderful outlook. Keep up great work.

@gary 4 minute crypto and crypto cousins my favorite podcasts... 4 minute crypto is my morning drive to work. Thanks!

I always liked the expression 1 bitcoin equals 1 bitcoin. Great advice.

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