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This is Turkey and the Turkish Lira. It's happening everywhere else right now. You're not making gains in the stock market. Your money is being debased. Your life's energy is being stolen from you. Buy

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@MsHodl @drbitcoinmd @aPerfect_System You know I can hear both of you, right? My loyalty to is forever, Justine, forever.

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Tyler & Cameron on @WhatBitcoinDid recap:
-Lightning is not on our roadmap.
[email protected] asks about @JackMallers and @ln_strike: “not familiar with that”
- “Bitcoin is not stepping up on 2nd layer”
- Wrapped BTC and projects are so empowering
- use our Galaxy token

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is a gift from god to help humanity sort out the mess it has made with its money”
~ @maxkeiser @orangepillpod

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Toxic maximalists help fiat addicts detox from their addiction

No one ever said detox was nice or caring, but IT GETS THE JOB DONE TO NEVER GO BACK

Call us what you may. But when you hit fiat’s rock bottom, and you will, who’s there to rip the addiction away?

Toxic Maximalists

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Excited to receive my Full Node Sculpture commissioned from ⁦⁦@FractalEncrypt⁩.🚀

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