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Me & the boyz @RD_btc @Gregzaj1 on our *official* first day @ln_strike today 🤘🔥 🔊

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Our first LIVE episode!

Bringing and together gain so we can yell at each other & argue twitter.com/TheCryptoconomy/st

The 2024 halving isn't priced in, but it will be the first to be priced in.

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@Gregzaj1 @guydbennett @RD_btc @ln_strike @ICOffender @JackMallers @labrahodl6 Login to twitter.com

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Finish wiping my ass and go back to work

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It's happening! 159 Bitcoiners from all ages came together to recite the whitepaper and pay their respect to Satoshi Nakamoto. Go to dimzayan.com/voicepaper.html for the full experience.

Thanks to everyone, you are an amazing community of trailblazers.

We Are All Satoshi.

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It’s simple actually Alex, if it not it’s a Shitcoin. We aren’t trying to get richer we’re choosing to preserve our purchasing power.. twitter.com/alexhern/status/13

Crazy story @JackMallers ... it looks like somebody spent the weekend living in the office. The bathroom looks...used. It was probably @RD_btc or @ICOffender . Also, can you stock the bathroom with some shampoo and conditioner?

.@JackMallers what time do most people get to the office? 10:45am is about the earliest I can be there.

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Bitcoin's monetary velocity is now higher than USD M1. M1 is the USD held in short term accounts for buying stuff; none of it is moving. BTC's making a joke out of it.

BTC is moving more than the money we have for spending. Nevermind BTC is for long term investment.

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Citi has a new, 108-page report on , which concludes the cryptocurrency “is at a tipping point and we could be at the start of massive transformation of cryptocurrency into the mainstream.”

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🔥Toxic Happy Hour🔥 going live today Monday 11 am PST with @FossGregfoss, Pubby @guydbennett & Danish: Learn how to read the signals for global collapse in the credit market + does create ? Thumbnail by @CHAIRFORCE_BTC Video: youtu.be/HaqH7qHiy1E

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CZ was not amused by this artwork from @CryptoCobain

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