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Bitcoin memes without a strike watermark are now rare, and will be saught after in the future.

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Laser focused since 2015. If you didn’t ride a moped and stack sats u just won’t ever get it. takes this type discipline. Also make this an NFT. Ok go!

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Dear @michael_saylor

By our bar napkin math calculations you are only 8,421 away from owning 100,000! At $59,000 per you can get there for only $500 million. Do you have any more chairs you can sell to make this happen?


The Plebs 🍻

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This is the flippening. @ln_strike is a trojan horse and @JackMallers is calling everyone’s bluff
@WhatBitcoinDid @PeterMcCormack

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Starting soon with @ScottMSibley @vladstan @gw_smiles


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For the 1st time ever had 6 consecutive months of double digit gains. You are currently watching the dollar collapse in real time. Have fun ignoring this.

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1. @ln_strike will soon make even more Shitcoins redundant.

2. It’s a feature not a bug.

3. Don’t trust, verify.

wins twitter.com/homakov/status/137

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