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" has humbled a lot of people.
If it hasn't humbled you,
you may not have been thinking about it correctly."

(Parker Lewis @parkeralewis in chat w/ Guy Swann @TheCryptoconomy 05/2020)

This topic may become increasingly important in the near future - so I've just published "Is right-wing?" to my Anti-FUD site.

Share if you care. ;)

But guyse, "noBodY uSes fOr aNYtHinG!! 🤪"

Except to transfer a whopping 10 BILLION per DAY! 🤷‍♂️

Willy Woo's and PlanB's Twitter accounts suspended - what's going on over there?!

✅ Guggenheim FUD
✅ Yellen FUD
✅ Schiff FUD
✅ Raoul 'warmed up' to alts
✅ newbies sold their BTC for alts
✅ whales scooping up all BTC
✅ remaining supply almost vanished
✅ floor getting stronger
✅ $WSB movement starting to grasp

✅ Feeling bullish! 📈

node count rising massively again 🙂
(data:, graphic:

rabbithole explorers are the economic visionaries of the 21st century.

Thank you, Satoshi Nakamoto -
for triggering this important movement.

Changes and/or new in Bitcoin v0.21.0:

- Descriptor wallets
- Compact block filters via P2P network
- Better rebroadcast logic
- Tor v3 support
- Taproot added but not activated

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This is an awesome piece about … whoever has still trouble to understand why Bitcoin continously outpaces any other asset on the planet, or why it should even be necessary to have a Bitcoin allocation in one's portfolio, here's one of the most poignant pieces on it I've read during the last months.

For people who have no time to read, here's an audible version of it read by @TheCryptoconomy

I've learned something new today.
1x pussy = ETH
Fixed rental = BTC

Dovey Wan told us so about the latest evolutionary changes in prostitution in China on Twitter! 🧒🏻🇨🇳

New hardware wallet data breach. 🤷‍♂️
Remember that there are great alternatives, particular for the lucky ones among us who only have to manage anyway...

Did anyone notice that ECB Lagarde's FUD had approximately 0% impact on the market? 🤡

I think we should push the following angles in the public discussion about WAY more than we're doing that now:

a) being against Bitcoin is racist.
You're harming under-represented communities. 'Look at Bitcoin adoption in Africa'.

b) Bitcoin is good for the environment, because it incentivizes long-term planning and disincentivizes creating garbage just to be able to make the money-printer go BRRRR. Open letter to Greta!

I think the peak of the dominance & relevance of the leading social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp) has passed.

Unbelievable to see what a visionary Michael Saylor already was back then:

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