The @Bisq UI is just way too confusing and convoluted. The product is great, but this is clear example where bad UX prevents larger adoption.

@threed @Bisq I'm not so sure I agree. Maybe I'm biased because I've been using it so long. Is it the slickest web 3.0 type UI? No, not even close but I'm not sure it's actually preventing ppl from using it.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq
The UI is unintuitive on the level of different views.
- The initial sequence of steps is really confusing in the UI through the tabs and subtabs (without documentation or video tutorial it's close to impossible).
- The UI is full of details and textual labels that are not useful at that given point in time.
- There is a lack of automation (e.g. "I want to buy 0.05 BTC using the best available offer" - that should be a single click thing).

@GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq
- There are some weirdly complex steps, e.g. it tells me that using BSQ is cheaper, but getting BSQ requires so many clicks and steps.
- I also have multiple technical complaints when using on Linux. Including missing support for 2K laptops, broken ability to disable DAO, issues with scroll targets, etc.

That said in terms of small features the UX is decent (e.g. ok labels, ok iconography, ok positioning, ok functionality)


@threed @Bisq You make some valid points. You should have seen it a few years ago! The good news is there are a lot of videos/documentation out there but I agree, it's probably a bit too complicated for the average noob to easily use straight "out of the box".

If you feel that you can actually make some good contributions, remember, it is OS and they are quite open to ideas and discussion. Either on their github and/or keybase.

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