@yegorpetrov @Bisq I would LOVE to see everyone moving to Bisq. It's a terrifc FOSS, private no-KYC fiat onramp that I've been successfully using for years (until my boating accident, of course).

@yegorpetrov @Bisq Lots of people are scared but it's a great platform, super easy to use and lots of videos/documentation if needed. LOVE it. I feel that 2021 might be the year that it reaches critical mass for its liquidity.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq let’s hope that the majority will move to there! I’m down for it!

@GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq p.s. we need more exchanges like shitbase kraken etc to go down

@yegorpetrov @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq Does it support the payments methods available to people based in Russia?

@iamnaok @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq I used it from the US side, but I guess it does! Just checked there is Russian Rubles

@yegorpetrov @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq Let me check if I can actually use it from here. Last time I did, there was no easy way

@yegorpetrov @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq Looks like there is no easy way... I tried linking my bank account, but it didn't work as I was required to submit an IBAN code that is not available here. Other options are MoneyGram and Western Union, but they require KYC...

@yegorpetrov @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq How do you guys are using it? Did you link your bank account or something else?

@iamnaok @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq Once, I was lucky to use money order. If I need to stack quickly then Zelle.

@yegorpetrov @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq If anyone based in Russia have successfully used Bisq please let me know 😃

@iamnaok @yegorpetrov @Bisq Soooo...any time you're going to be moving fiat funds, unless it's cash, it'll be KYC'd. Even cash that came out of your bank is KYCd.
That said, Bisq doesn't require any KYC themselves. If you do a bank transfer to someone as a bisq tx, it's private and only the seller knows about it. Your bank will not know what the tx was for so as far as they're concerned, you were just paying someone some money you owed or buying a product or service.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @yegorpetrov @Bisq Right, so I should try Adv Cash or Perfect Money. I do not have an account with them at the moment, so will check them out shortly

@iamnaok @yegorpetrov @Bisq Good luck. I don't know how many people use bisq in RU or how the liquidity is there. That's the actual biggest challenge of bisq is the low liquidity. This is clearly changing though as more and more ppl move to the decentralized exchange. I forsee a time soon when there will be a mass exodus from the KYC exchanges to bisq. 🤞

@GrandVizierOfMalta @iamnaok @Bisq it’s inevitable! And people will realize that they were stupid to use KYC exchanges and doxxed themselves:/

@yegorpetrov @iamnaok @Bisq I stopped using KYC a couple of years ago now and REGRET soooo much all my self-doxxing on KYC exchanges.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @iamnaok @Bisq yeah I know! I have doxxed myself toO but I mean never too late to fix it 🙌

@iamnaok @yegorpetrov @Bisq Still painful to think all my data is out there. 😥 But, yeah, what's done is done. I have to just move on.

@iamnaok @yegorpetrov @GrandVizierOfMalta @Bisq Ah, so you've not been involved in the space for long. You are duly forgiven.

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@Guy_Forks @iamnaok @yegorpetrov @Bisq Not sure who you're saying is wrong about what? Can you elaborate? I certainly like to be corrected if I make a mistake.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @iamnaok @Bisq yeah it’s like I’m sending to my friend money that I owned him for something lol Or vise versa

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