When we reach the point where large US states and cities are starting to scramble to compete with Wyoming, Austin and Miami to become hubs, things could get interesting 👀

Try banning on a US governmental level in that environment! 🔥
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As mayor of NYC - the world’s financial capital - I would invest in making the city a hub for BTC and other cryptocurrencies.


Humility is the prerequisite in becoming a bitcoiner.

One could say, your stack is your humility score. (please do not ever disclose your stack)

Educated nocoiners ironically seem most prideful.

Pride is a deadly disease.

Lesson: stay humble and stack sats.

doesn't need your approval

Narcissistic Control Freaks will not be able to COPE

Jim Cramer on CNBC today talking about .

Watch them struggle with basic concepts regarding bitcoin and money (particularly in the 2nd half of this video). Reminds me of the 90s videos of news anchors struggling with concepts around the nternet.


1/8 Since the Tesla news broke, the amount of mainstream media coverage has been unreal 🤯

In this 🧵, I'll be sharing 6 short video clips oozing bullishness that I discovered just by reading up on my Twitter timeline of the past day

Grab some 🍿 and enjoy the show 👇

4/8 @Sonnenshein on @CNBC: "You have @elonmusk, @michael_saylor, @Jack. You're going to see a lot of other visionary leaders and disruptive companies actually realizing it has really moved from why to why not."

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5/8 On @CNN, @michael_saylor did a great job at explaining how profitable companies do not need to keep a lot of cash on their balance sheets, are more worried about not being diluted & lose their purchasing power - all eventually converging into

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For this episode of Meet The Taco Plebs, @nikcantmine was joined by fellow pleb @beeforbacon1 to discuss:

-his rabbit hole story
-going to bitcoin conferences
-time is finite, earn harder money
-being a libertarian before finding Bitcoin


That’s okay, I have no interest in buying a Chevrolet

GM has no interest in following Tesla and investing in bitcoin

Authoritarianism is a product of fiat money.

Looking for resources that track and compare cities & other jurisdictions in terms of their friendliness.

A way to keep up with the Wyomings and Miamis of the world.

A teleport.org for bitcoiners. Anything out there?

so, you are telling me that, now billionaire companies are buying btc, and you are selling it at 40~50K ? 😂 😂 😂 😂

The average person does not have $500 in savings.

Owning a full coin is already impossible for most people.

Just wait.

When companies plug into the Bitcoin Monetary Network, it’s a lot like going from the phone book to the Internet.

The innovators and early adopters who make this transition will have a market edge. Plain and simple.

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