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See you at Software Freedom Day on September 18! CEO Todd Weaver will take the listener on a real journey on how the team at Purism solves the near-impossible time and time again. Thank you for organizing this event, Free Software Australia. freesoftware.org.au/blog/softw

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If they actually wanted to increase vaccine uptake they only had to prove us wrong, that this is about health, rather than control:

- rollback restrictions
- acknowledge natural immunity
- stop threatening lockdowns
- take responsibility for the costs of unnecessary lockdowns
- cut the vaxport crap
- stop censoring opposing views

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El Salvador's largest department store is now accepting .

Founded in 1922, it's ushering in the future of money ⚡

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Joe Biden wants to outlaw links like this...


Places where you can freely download 3d printed firearm files and exercise your 2nd amendment.

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Brave adds native default support for IPFS URLs. That's pretty cool to see.

(yea, I know, just disable the shitcoin and you're good...)

So was looking and immediately see this:
I don't have a coomputer! 🤔

Going to be running at work! So off to watch some how-to's!

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Looks like signal is having issues atm.

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Lol, they’re gonna turn on Facebook and Twitter anyway.
RT @matthewstoller
Facebook was more helpful to the riot than Parler.

Let's follow the logic here.

Parler's business model is dangerous and should be illegal. Facebook caused even more violent activity than Parler. Therefore... twitter.com/washingtonpost/sta

Is there messaging on this platform or is it all public?

Got kicked from facebook and twitter.. gonna try this mastadon thing out!

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