This bull cycle doesn't truely start until Peter Schiff registers here to tell us how wrong we are all day

My latest BitcoinCash Graffiti art piece 🎨🔥

The intention behind this artistic masterpiece is to convey the feeling of BCH bag holders who invested into fake bitcoins that are -95% from their ATH against the real 😘

Shitcoiners are slowing down the process of globalizing hope and freedom.
Shitcoiners are therefore similiar to fiat shills.

Supports found at the same place for different time frames is always good.
Let them scream for Btc's death while i switched some of my shiteuros for it right at 30000$.

We are probably entering a world of pain, and lots of nocoiners will possibly die.
They will mine some shitcoins all day with their home electric bike for a living, in their underground basement.

I am probably about to die very soon according to the WHO.
It was a pleasure talking to all of you.

Institutions buying Bitcoin for speculation via new mass printed USD is an unententional collective attack on the Dollar network.
The fiat system is reaching its limits, and is self collapsing its own pyramidal structure by itself.

People whose absolute dream is to buy an expensive car are children.

Power to the people started with the decentralization of minds.
The decentralization of money and freedom followed with Bitcoin.
Cold storage is a combination of decentralized thoughts, money and freedom, and gives decentralized power to anyone strengthening the network.

To their defense, i must sound very insane and delusionnal to say Btc is interesting to buy at 30k.

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Told 1 of my normies friend that today it is interesting to buy Btc at 30k $.
"Wow that's way too high, it was interesting at 1k $"
Noone of my real life friends ever bought Btc.

Checking the quality of memes gifs to see how Mastodon can handle what backs up the btc network.

Oh, people don't panic here?
How strange 😁🍻

A whole generation of kids is going to be traumatized because of the governments acts with covid.
Some of them will fear other humans for the rest of their whole life.
Almost noone is talking about that.

Power to the people starts from the decentralization of thoughts

Nice to join a place where 95%+ of the people is using cold storage.
Probably more than in the Twitter's Ledger support account followers.

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