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"Do whatever I tell you and you'll get your freedom back." Not sure if it's more retarded to say or believe.

Is this really from 2009? 😵
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Jane Bürgermeister had to endure big pressure after exposing Big Pharma and governments when they tried to pull off THE SAME SCAM in 2009. Maybe she helped to stop it then, or maybe it was just a rehearsal for this time around. 1/3

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If we can do this to the world in just 18 months, I shudder to think what new levels of cruelty we can descend to in 18 more.

We are being ruled by the weak to sooth the terrified.

Anyone point me in the direction of a bitcoin friendly bank account with multicurrency where they don't keep asking for proof of income ? I need a stop gap until hyperbitcoinisation. @revolut are being ridiculous.

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@zoeharcombe Western Global Financial System on the brink of collapse so they're adopting the Chinese Social Credit System in the hope they'll benefit by alignment with the emerging dominant global economy.

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@Charlot62189447 Hit the public with constantly changing facts. Reposition the fright. Scare them constantly and relentlessly. Shift the narrative. Always encourage them to turn on each other. Learned helplessness and complete control is the goal.

Governments going full tyranny but they would never debase the money to pay for it, right normos? Stack some bitcoin ffs.

Wow. There it is folks. So it’s now official in : lockdowns are not about the virus - they are about “vaccination levels”…. twitter.com/mhcsnsw/status/142

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Vaccine passports are the first step to implement a Chinese like social credit system. It puts all the infrastructure of check, limitations, and government control in place, so that all it takes are minor changes to make the restrictions as arbitrary as politicians wish.

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Science vs Public Health: how to tell the difference.

If there are no treatment risks discussed, no trade offs acknowledged, no mention of costs, no room for reasoned dissent, unexpected levels of certainty, and an extraordinary level of moral condemnation backed by censorship…

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My interpretation of the data is that tyranny is

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Behavioural Scientist Patrick Fagan @PFagan87

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Look, my tax dollars went into creating covid, I should be able to get infected by it if I want to.

Excellent, busy, perfectly normal ronaless night, apart from that bit where I lost my phone FFS. Gonna go knocking on the doors of all the bars I was in shortly.

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