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Guess it's time to renew the push for Mastodon.

Apparently a hypothetical self-defense is a permanent ban from Twitter.

I have been wasting my time back on twitter again. Forgive me.

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Based on the reasons given by the US to bomb Afghanistan, I’m surprised we haven’t bombed Australia.

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While the narrative breakdown is meaningful and important, it’s not going to reverse our authoritarian trajectory. They know they are lying, they don’t care. They will continue to move forward until enough of us refuse to go along.

Draw your line in the sand and stick to it.

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You can't fly jetliners into the bitcoin protocol.

You can't drone bomb every private key.

You can't false flag an immutable network.

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We are witnessing iron curtains descending
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The Regime is losing its grip at an accelerating pace. Increased taxes, more spying, and a nonsensical push to recognize unrealized gains as income. Is this the future you want?

You don't have to subject yourself to the madness. Opt-out. Buy Bitcoin.

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You own a home? We printed so much money and pumped a massive asset bubble. You now owe us tax on those unrealised property value gains. Can't pay the tax ? You'll own nothing and be happy 🤗 Blackrock will be your new landlord. Buy or HFSP

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@RichardRyan @bitcoinunitesus The last gasp of the fiat currency scam. Most of those gains are due to money printing. They steal from you directly by money printing and then tax you on the "gains" you didn't even realise. Scamception. Time for a standard. 1 BTC = 1 BTC

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"Capitalism" is killing the planet.

Vastly complicated networks of systems flattened to one single point of blame: an abstract concept of ownership and trade.

6th form politics.

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Very hot take.

I am not convinced that the actions of governments around the world have saved more lives than they destroyed over the last 18 months...

It's feasible that them doing absolutely nothing would have led to a similar or better overall result - all things considered.

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Can a pro-💉person explain how targeting spike protein, alone, w/a nonsterilizing therapeutic, is going to prevent🦠transmission? Or “end this pandemic”?

Could you explain how💉people won’t require boosters, perpetually?

Can you explain how Vx Passports aren’t permanent?

Source: China has had enough of the totalitarianism and they plan to liberate Australia.

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@neelkashkari Something I’ve been meaning to ask: Why do enthusiasts not care about people’s savings?

"The information age" more like misinformation age, right?

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