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MIT researchers 'infiltrated' a Covid skeptics community a few months ago and found that skeptics place a high premium on data analysis and empiricism.

"Most fundamentally, the groups we studied believe that science is a process, and not an institution."


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Noise: People who thought BTC was a scam 6 months ago shilling ETH and Cardano as the future of the Internet

Signal: People who thought BTC was the future of money years ago continuing to advocate for BTC

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While most crypto buyers realize that is a joke, they don't get the joke when it comes to or . But as crypto speculators rotate into Ether, they must sell Bitcoin to fund the trade. Rather than Bitcoin flipping it may be Ether that flips Bitcoin.

Incredibly brave👏

Honored that you chose me to
share this mea culpa with the world
on your long road to redemption.

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@MicroStrategy CEO @michael_saylor reveals his exit strategy in new interview 😱😱

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Be honest, if you wanted to raise enough money to fly to another planet, and all you had to do was tweet stupid shit with dogs on and sit back as people plough in their life savings, you'd fucking do it.

Erm, guys its working. $sats the standard 🤷‍♂️

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Be your own news service. But do what real journalists do, check your sources. Never accept anything at face value.

Just went all in on $SATS. Best opportunity I've ever seen.

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There is only one $SATS. It has a $1.1T market cap. 2.1 quadrillion supply, 1 token costs $0.00058 right now and heading to a penny, May even hit a dollar in the future. Massive opportunity!!

Buy $BTC and get $SATS free.

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Legal precedent set.

The Swedish Public Health Agency has developed national criteria for assessing freedom from infection in covid-19.


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@Snowden A) Again, huge respect for your work and sacrifice. Sorry for being a bit harsh.

B) It would be great to have dragon level wealth but I have chosen to work for a non-profit for 15 years.

C) I really hope you can consider looking more deeply into Taproot and especially Lightning

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