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Installing an instance, 2nd attempt.
First attempt had some file errors.
SSH keys were kept during a reinstall so that saves a bit of time.
Now to get the firewall up and running again.

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We have a new generation that doesn’t want to pay fees to middle man.

This is just the beginning.
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Man I wish the American economy still had small stores like this... Radioshack put them all out of business then stopped selling it when places like digikey put THEM out of business.. now you can only order from a catalog and its just not as satisfying.

#Electronics #EE #Engineering #ElectricalEngineering #Science

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Starlink setup was a great success. All future shitposting will go through space thanks to @SpaceX

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3iQ The Bitcoin Fund 16,454 => 22,590 BTC
ETC Group Bitcoin ETP 5,215 => 12,840 BTC

Total 1,235,345 BTC (5.88%)
Valu $38,892,985,090 USD

src by @nvk

Validating only the good blocks.

*That’s all of them for the uninitiated

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They think that censorship will silence their enemies and scare people into submission. What they don't realize is that they are overplaying their hand and creating a Napster type of moment where a large number of people are looking for a censorship resistant alternative. Napster getting shut down gave us Kazaa. Twitter censorship is pushing people to mastodon. They will block Trump from payment rails next. What will that give us? :bitcoin:

Janet Yellen confirmed by senate for Treasury Secretary.

Money printer goes brrrr some more.

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Installation of the Mastodon instance has hit a brick wall. The node is going strong though.

@lizard When I go to the IP directly I get the nginx successfully installed page.

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@lizard After hours of uploads and tweaks when I go to the web page my instance should be active on I get “this site can’t be reached”. I’ve tried editing server blocks, swapping back and forth from DNS to Nameservers, not sure what to do now.

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bitcoin will win for the simple reason that it is supported by bitcoiners, the most ambitious, courageous, definite, optimistic, and sincere global interest group currently in operation.

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If you have any cash in the balance sheet you are a dollar investor, that’s costing you between 5-10% a year in depreciation.

Wouldn’t it make sense to invest some of that in the best returning *liquid* asset of the last decade?

It’s your fiduciary duty to hold

@lizard So close...
Updated my A record and was able to get my .org to certify. Now I think there’s something off with the Nameservers cause the is still failing.
Getting a 502 bad gateway on the website now.

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If you are setting up a new bitcoin wallet for self-custody and haven’t spent a couple hrs understanding what’s going on, STOP

Before you load that wallet go learn, understand what the seed is/does, how to recover, test backup and recovery

If this is too much, buy GBTC instead

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@lizard Question regarding firewall install. Mastadon has us pasting into /etc/iptables/rules.v4.
I’m getting an error when trying to run the restore. Should I be commenting out everything that was in the rules.v4 and only using Mastadons paste?

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