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it won't be a gentle transition. just will show them and many others how broken the system is

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mark my words - all of WSB will be bitcoiners when all this is over

@[email protected] @lizard This is how I’m reading it as well, though it’s written very vague. I can certainly handle .80 per 1000 emails if that’s the case. Will allow for some growth if the need should ever arise.

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Encourage them to take down everyone they don't like, as there wont be anyone left to buy their garbage.

Everything is working according to plan ₿

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RT @Bquittem
If the establishment tries to stop WSB with a heavy hand...

WSB will become 10x stronger and bolder.

@[email protected]thecitadel.social @lizard
I’m using Mailgun for now. It’s free for 3 months and 5000 emails/mo. Not sure what the pricing looks like after 3 months. I’ll look into other solutions in the coming weeks. This was just a good quick cheap option.

@lizard Just got a SMTP running. I wasn’t getting emails to confirm accounts so I figured one was needed.

I’m open to having others join the instance. Not everyone is going to spin up their own so here’s one more option.

@lizard I’ll be migrating over to Linux, I understand it a bit better now even if it’s still confusing at times.

I’ll look to move this account shortly after I figure out the SMTP configuration. I’m not getting emails from the instance currently. Good it’s all downhill from here.

@xeNonsky this certainly pushed my abilities. Not really a software guy but with a bit of help, the right guide and the 3rd try I was able to make it happen. Still have some setup to get through before the doors open.

It happened.. it really happened.
Instance is up and running..
still needs a SMTP server, but it’s up...

Thank you!

Yarn updated
Nginx configured
SSL cert successfully enabled!

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Clowns...the lot of them.

Wall Street traders and hedgefunds are currently very upset, as the “unwashed masses” lose them billions in a short squeeze of GameStop and other stocks.


@GrandVizierOfMalta “We were fleecing the general public, how dare they fleece us back!”

Downloaded Ruby 2.7.2
Ran gem installer
Bundle install
Then unpacked mastodon..
Getting close

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Mastodon downloaded
Dependencies seem to have loaded proper
Can’t find directories and insufficient rbenv release.
Downloading a more recent version of Ruby and will hope the directory issue solves as well.

@clashicly Somehow the user was mastodon: root had to switch to mastodon without the root dir. then it worked.

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