It happened.. it really happened.
Instance is up and running..
still needs a SMTP server, but it’s up...

Thank you!


Yes! I'm happy you were able to persevere and get it done!

I hope you aren't soured on Linux. You can build extremely powerful things and almost all cool Bitcoin stuff runs on Linux, some only on Linux!

There is a guide to migrate to you new instance. Besides the moving part that will migrate your followers you also have to export the accounts you are following. Migrating is trivial compared to setting up the server. You're on the downslope now!

@lizard I’ll be migrating over to Linux, I understand it a bit better now even if it’s still confusing at times.

I’ll look to move this account shortly after I figure out the SMTP configuration. I’m not getting emails from the instance currently. Good it’s all downhill from here.

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