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it won't be a gentle transition. just will show them and many others how broken the system is

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mark my words - all of WSB will be bitcoiners when all this is over

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RT @Bquittem
If the establishment tries to stop WSB with a heavy hand...

WSB will become 10x stronger and bolder.

It happened.. it really happened.
Instance is up and running..
still needs a SMTP server, but it’s up...

Thank you!

Yarn updated
Nginx configured
SSL cert successfully enabled!

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Clowns...the lot of them.

Wall Street traders and hedgefunds are currently very upset, as the “unwashed masses” lose them billions in a short squeeze of GameStop and other stocks.


Downloaded Ruby 2.7.2
Ran gem installer
Bundle install
Then unpacked mastodon..
Getting close

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Mastodon downloaded
Dependencies seem to have loaded proper
Can’t find directories and insufficient rbenv release.
Downloading a more recent version of Ruby and will hope the directory issue solves as well.

Ruby installed properly
PostgreSQL installed properly

And then... mastodon won’t download. Knew things were going way too smooth.

Node.js - installed
Yarn - installed
Dependency packages - installed
Ruby (v2.6.5)- actually installing..

Current guide is way better.. I’ll share if it goes

I’ve now perfected reinstalling a VPS and setting up firewall, fail2ban, and keys only SSH. Takes 5 minutes once the new machine comes online.

Reinstalling VPS for the 3rd time. The Mastodon guide can F right off. Going to try a different guide.

Instance setup round 2 is a complete fail.
Machine doesn’t want to install Ruby. Multiple attempts were made. Tried under different users. Following the Mastodon guide as close as possible and it’s just fighting me the entire way. I’m not sure if I can go back and delete a previous step or just keep reinstalling things until it works.

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Gamestop bringing down the entire financial system would be poetic justice.

Game over.

Installing instance: 2nd attempt
SSH login keys only - done
UFW installed and configured - done
Fail2ban inst and config - done

Machine is prepped.
Much smoother this time around.. so far

Installing an instance, 2nd attempt.
First attempt had some file errors.
SSH keys were kept during a reinstall so that saves a bit of time.
Now to get the firewall up and running again.

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