Keynesian economists and altcoin pumpers have this in common:

They will do Olympic-level mental gymnastics to justify that which pays their salary.

Raoul wants his ass kissed while he scams new folks on their way to . Yeah, and we're the toxic ones.

forks will always be a game of chicken, learn to cherish it.

NFTs are ICO 2.0, except that ETH is exploiting starving artists instead of starving startups.

Bitcoinism is totally distinct from the cypherpunk, libertarian, Austrian, or anarchist movements. It is a philosophical movement in its own right

is the single biggest driver of renewable energy innovation.

The biggest obstacle to money performing is it's monetary function is utility.

The statesmen and oligarchs who sold dollar hegemony to China and the WEF are not going to defend the US from - their loyalty to globalism is soft compared to their desire for hard wealth.

Voting is a sham. Conservatives will wake up to plan B soon: it's their last hope.

Every person who buys sets themselves on a course to discard their own collective progressivism.

Imagine how many fiat normies are out there now seeing all the laser eyes pics and becoming curious about this Bitcoin thing...

Progressives when they realize permanently fortifies the nuclear family.

In the future there will be a word for companies that don't have any bitcoin: bankrupt

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