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Normies now know the skinny on bitcoin and have grounds to dismiss it. They're not HFSP, they've just being programmed that way.

Does anyone know if GameKyuubi is still hodling?

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Whenever you feel like you don’t have enough bitcoin you should remind yourself of two things.

1. You will never have enough Bitcoin.


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@btc_viking Seems like it is only a matter of time before the dam breaks for an army of disgruntled normies to come flooding into bitcoin when they discover the cause of their iritation all along is the fiat standard.

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I think now is a good time to revisit Dan Pena's emphatic pronouncement that "Bitcoin is going to Zero!" via one of my favorite memes of 2020.

We definitely need an update for our $55,000/$1 Trillion MC crossing.

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What an amazing job @pwuille is doing on
Most time I read something about Bitcoin, his name is there, every time I look for an answer his name is there, most time I read about new proposals, his name is there

Are you sure you're not Satoshi?

If you're not into bitcoin you're part of the problem.

Phones under tables all around the world ushering in 50k.

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Who's up for 50k spikes and 20k dips 🙋‍♂️

@Roy000 yep 20 x from here would be a carbon copy

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