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Also gladiator combat where intellectual victory is instantly rewarded with dat sweet dopamine.

Twitter was just a way for me to archive my thoughts.

Typical Bitcoin Maximalist society. Be first one on the network to benefit from network effect increase.


Mastodon UX is fucking weird, but it feels good to discover something with genuine excitement. So far, melikes. We'll see if it holds.

Heyyy so since I haven't seen some of you before (on here or on Twitter), here's the link to my DEFCAD mirror that the Government forced Cody Wilson to take down.

Enjoy. :)

Engrave encrypted recovery seed under the handle ? Or perhaps a tiny tiny Easter egg for future archeologists lol. Or genesis block data that can act as my hilt relic lol

Can't print our own guns but didn't say anything about rubbing old metal on rocks

Some exclusive content. The before pics of my machete restauration. Next up: 24h vinegar before I find the right piece of wood for the handle. Maple?

So... Can users of any instance see this or just the people ?

Lesson 1: autocorrect isin't the best on mastodon.

Anybody has a good crosspost app/bot?

Here's an idea: we post first on mastodon, there is a crosspost on twitter. Then we auto-reply to our own tweet with the original mastodon toot and like to join the Bitcoin hackers instance.


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