The Bitcoin News Show #87 - SEC Decision Review, China Hates Bitcoin Again, Crypto Defense

______________________________ @CryptoCastNet Workshop:

Over 120 miles traveled to get Quebec's best Wagyu Rib steak, cooked religiously over 5h old hardwood fire, to discuss the future of Bitcoin. Good meat, good wine, good money.

This Quebec member of parliament elected in my riding is an actual communist. Years ago we battled him in court for the RIGHT to be reimbursed the coerced *mandatory* membership fees paid to ANTIFA student unions that *enforced* student strike against me my $ (and physical force)). We lost because he got backed by billionaire worker's unions. Now he's my "voice at the National Assembly".

Why am I still in Quebec?

Any communist-free country out there with lots of sun?

Some exclusive content. The before pics of my machete restauration. Next up: 24h vinegar before I find the right piece of wood for the handle. Maple?

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