If you are in Canada I urge with the utmost sincerity to leave the country NOW and move to Mexico or Costa Rica. They will soon never let you leave. Consider that you are about to live under the Great Reset dictatorships for the next 5 years at best. This was predicted in The Sovereign Individual. The time to act is NOW. The establishment is also moving in on the bitcoiners, trust me on this.

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@Francispouliot they wish they could make it happen, but the Canadian gov doesn't have the means. They will just settle for rapping the middle class in taxes.

@nvk do not underestimate them. the population will fully support them

@nvk @Francispouliot rich immigrants will just laugh and keep doing things their way. And the government will be too scared to piss them off enough they leave and take their money elsewhere. Going to be a recurring theme in many countries.
The Canadian middle class is screwed though.

@Francispouliot for this reason I left Europe for Singapore in April. Have fun staying poor Europeans

@Francispouliot "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says any Canadian planning an international trip should cancel it.

Trudeau is warning that while Canadians have the right to travel, the government could at any time, and without warning, enforce new restrictions on travellers returning to Canada."

- Canadian Press (this morning)

@Francispouliot but how can they prevent a person from exiting the country in a legal way? Charter of rights should prevent them from doing this.

@a3sec @Francispouliot they ripped up the charter and pissed on it the past year. The charter isn't worth the paper it's written on.

"Public health crisis"

@Francispouliot i am cdn, father and BB user. Based on the accuracy of some of your previous predictions this concerns me.

@Francispouliot I kinda feel you have some insider knowledge. Is Revenue Canada going to target bitcoiners?

@Francispouliot Stand your ground. Your brethren are counting on you.

@Francispouliot I hear you and same in America, only the bitcoin is decentralized so how will the establishment move in on it?

@Francispouliot Why those two countries, as opposed to say Panama (no central bank) or Nicaragua (very cheap)?

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