@Francispouliot Can't read your tweets if I don't have an account, what's it say?

@Francispouliot just got my account going here, thanks for the pointer

@Francispouliot yes. We starve twitter by not giving them our content. Fuck them.


We've all been working on our mental citadels.

The work to forge our social citadels with more purpose is beginning.

Physical citadels will not be far behind.

how does one lock a twitter account? I only found the option to deactivate

@counterwill @Francispouliot

Privacy and Safety
Audience and Tagging

Click "Protect your Tweets"

@pointsixonefive @Francispouliot
Thanks, it was in a different place for me: Settings->Your Account -> Protected Tweets

@Francispouliot people will reference this for years to come. Nice!

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