High school reunion and some of my old friends were inspired by my Facebook Bitcoin posts and now looking into "blockchain tech" for their respective industries. "IOTA looks promising" "We're looking into ETH/EOS for healthcare automation".

We created a monster, inadvertently, like nuclear engineers with the atom bomb (well not really because those actually work). Is it our responsibility to destroy it, or does everyone have to take the hero's journey alone?

I didn't stay on Facebook long enough for them to get a good dose of my twitter truthbombs on blockchain. I should automate Facebook reposts.


We need people to educate themselves not just follow who sounds the smartest.

Vitalik and his love for complexity is blinding for those stuck in that mental trap.

Quite frankly, they sound like typical, albeit well-intentioned, noobs. They'll learn eventually that the only blockchain that works is Bitcoin, or they won't and suffer the consequences.

@Francispouliot the earlier adopters can only leave breadcrumbs / meaningful cues in their wake, in hopes of easing the hero's journey for those who follow. Their path today may be more convoluted than the one we followed in simpoler times, but if we do our part there will be a small bright light for them to see through the fog.

@Francispouliot You promoted Bitcoin, they only heard blockchain. It's not really your fault and we didn't create anything.

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