Bitcoin adopting protip: pretend you don't have cash at bar (or if you're like me forget your wallet at home) ask your friends to pay for you in exchange for bitcoins. Wallet setup takes 5 minutes and everyone gets excited, feels like doing something naughty.

Nocoiner becomes holder.

Gradually their brain rewires.

One of us, one of us.

@Francispouliot Done that a few times in 15 and 16, then in 17 I was like "Oh shit" 🤦‍♂️
Last year one of this friend told me he saw the price of Bitcoin and suddenly remembered I gave him some a year or 2 before, he already deleted the wallet but found a screenshot with his seed words so he was able to bring it back and found out the 8€ or so I gave him at the time became something like 100€ !

Perhaps this works in Canada.

US hodler using Bitcoin as cash for the first time ever:
Orders a round and pays with Bitcoin. The bill is $27.50 including tip, and everyone is pleased. But that BTC was purchased in Jan 2017 for $3.14 (capital gain $24.36), so @$9.62 in income tax is owed on the transaction; bringing the purchase price $37.12.
And the IRS now knows I have Bitcoin.
erm.... no.
Here's 30 bucks... keep the change.

@Francispouliot I just stumbled on this and started doing the math. I hope you really did that for someone, that $20 bar tab would literally be worth almost $200 this month.

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