This Quebec member of parliament elected in my riding is an actual communist. Years ago we battled him in court for the RIGHT to be reimbursed the coerced *mandatory* membership fees paid to ANTIFA student unions that *enforced* student strike against me my $ (and physical force)). We lost because he got backed by billionaire worker's unions. Now he's my "voice at the National Assembly".

Why am I still in Quebec?

Any communist-free country out there with lots of sun?

@Francispouliot I might be interested too. Unfortunately socialism seems to be deeply correled with french language, so we must definitely avoid french speaking area

@Francispouliot Singapore is as communist free as it gets, and relatively sunny all year! Or Bermuda, Bahamas...

@Francispouliot theyre trying to take over the US too. Our grand/great grand parents would be marching in the streets. Let me know if you find a good spot. Hell or if you need some help getting to where ever it is.

@Francispouliot just saw the max keiser report about Puerto rico... taiwan charges 8% tax... we were talking about this the other day on here..., thailand, bali, malta, neatherlands, ... i think us bitcoiners really need a place IRL ! 😛

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