Mastodon meta Q:

- where to find follower count and stats?
- anybody has a list of accounts to follow to bootstrap?

Just found my own answer. Click on your avatar to go to your profile page, stats are public there

@Francispouliot click yours or someone else's pic (unless they've set their followers to private)

@Francispouliot the second part seems incredibly difficult as I can only see your follows/followers that are from my instance. I'm having a hard time keeping up with who has joined bitcoinhackers dot org

@Francispouliot The canonical count of a user's follows/followers is on their home instance, so for you it's the page

(I don't have a list. I'm sure someone will make one eventually.)

I may just be using a bad UI app. I'm using mastalab right now. A bit hard to navigate compared to web

@Francispouliot @harding I am on IPhone and Amaroq with its UI looks very good although I didn’t see functionality you looking for

@liberliver @Francispouliot @harding In Amaroq click the burger at the lower right corner and My Profile

@Francispouliot I've just been going to people's accounts and following who follows them. I'll purge it and clean it up later over time.

@Francispouliot Also if you click the local feed, it shows all toots on this instance, easy to find accounts that way as well.

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