I'm not joking I'm speaking at an event where Janet Yellin will be keynote speaker.

I have SO many ideas I can't pick one.

Wish I was @_Kevin_Pham then I'd just tatoo "buy Bitcoin" and rub off the makeup just as she gets on stage for that priceless selfie

@Francispouliot @_Kevin_Pham Photobomb her with a BUY BITCOIN sign. Make this a thing for the rest of her life.

@btc @_Kevin_Pham

Im thinking about wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Bitcoin sign guy. As a tribute.

@Francispouliot @btc @_Kevin_Pham

Please do. That shirt must be for sale somewhere by now surely.

@Francispouliot @kylegarrett @_Kevin_Pham
The next Bitcoin person to be in the same room with her should have a shirt with you wearing a shirt of the bitcoin sign guy. Repeat infinitely.

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