Two week open source hackathon with Bull Bitcoin devs in the jungle. What crazy shit will we come up with?

The open-source Bitcoin transaction batching software we released a few months ago is absolutely crushing it. Thanks to custom RBF and CPFP scripts in cyphernode we have zero issues cranking out bitcoin purchases every minute.

Massive infrastructure improvement coming to Bull Bitcoin. I wish we had released a few months ago. KYC will be much less strict and site will be much faster. Hopefully next week!

one time @nvk and I were having dinner with saifedean and a few others and we ate so much meat the waiter came over and said "you ate all the meat we had in the restaurant, there is none left" and I asked him to repeat it twice for my satisfaction.

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Own bitcoin ✅
Deleted twitter ✅
Grayscaled my phone ✅
Joined Mastadon ✅
Was a real son of a bitch re-following everyone, but ✅
Eliminate the noise ✅

@parkeralewis @drbitcoinmd

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Working on @SpecterWallet is an amazing experience for me!
Really grateful to the @HRF for supporting my work and @tyler and @cameron for supporting open source development!

testing censorship resistance

@nvk makes a shitty picanha and secretly drinks tons of Soylent

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Typical Bitcoin Maximalist society. Be first one on the network to benefit from network effect increase.


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I'm not joking I'm speaking at an event where Janet Yellin will be keynote speaker.

I have SO many ideas I can't pick one.

Wish I was @_Kevin_Pham then I'd just tatoo "buy Bitcoin" and rub off the makeup just as she gets on stage for that priceless selfie

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High school reunion and some of my old friends were inspired by my Facebook Bitcoin posts and now looking into "blockchain tech" for their respective industries. "IOTA looks promising" "We're looking into ETH/EOS for healthcare automation".

We created a monster, inadvertently, like nuclear engineers with the atom bomb (well not really because those actually work). Is it our responsibility to destroy it, or does everyone have to take the hero's journey alone?

I bought the motherfucking dip with December's profits and have a boner-inducing hourly DCA going on now quasi permanent basis for Bull Bitcoin's balance sheet. We DCA'd pretty much all year long last year. Imma just go ahead and tap myself on the shoulder while smoking a joint. Thanks Satoshi you da real MVP!

More precisely: it's fucking nuts. Like 20x growth in volume over the past year.

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The January volumes at Bull Bitcoin and Bylls are completely off the charts. It's really crazy to think about. We are in the big leagues now. Not a single penny of investment from anybody, no strings attached. War chest has grown significantly. We are pretty much set for life.

Toxicity pays off.

New hire at Bull Bitcoin. Right on time, the operations team is overwhelmed. Another hardcore early adopter bitcoin maximalist joins our ranks.

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