I didn't stay on Facebook long enough for them to get a good dose of my twitter truthbombs on blockchain. I should automate Facebook reposts.

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High school reunion and some of my old friends were inspired by my Facebook Bitcoin posts and now looking into "blockchain tech" for their respective industries. "IOTA looks promising" "We're looking into ETH/EOS for healthcare automation".

We created a monster, inadvertently, like nuclear engineers with the atom bomb (well not really because those actually work). Is it our responsibility to destroy it, or does everyone have to take the hero's journey alone?

Bitcoin adopting protip: pretend you don't have cash at bar (or if you're like me forget your wallet at home) ask your friends to pay for you in exchange for bitcoins. Wallet setup takes 5 minutes and everyone gets excited, feels like doing something naughty.

Nocoiner becomes holder.

Gradually their brain rewires.

One of us, one of us.

The Bitcoin News Show #87 - SEC Decision Review, China Hates Bitcoin Again, Crypto Defense

______________________________ @CryptoCastNet Workshop: programmingwithbitcoin.com



Over 120 miles traveled to get Quebec's best Wagyu Rib steak, cooked religiously over 5h old hardwood fire, to discuss the future of Bitcoin. Good meat, good wine, good money.


This Quebec member of parliament elected in my riding is an actual communist. Years ago we battled him in court for the RIGHT to be reimbursed the coerced *mandatory* membership fees paid to ANTIFA student unions that *enforced* student strike against me my $ (and physical force)). We lost because he got backed by billionaire worker's unions. Now he's my "voice at the National Assembly".

Why am I still in Quebec?

Any communist-free country out there with lots of sun?


Sunday suggestion: rediscover your forgotten passion for heavy metal.

Neat trick: what do Italian butchers do with unsold carpaccio? Figuring out ur butchers schedule can get you some really good deals. They don't freeze back carpaccio and pretty sure it goes into stock or meatpies. Pre-sliced jerkey at a discount. I got 12$/kg carpaccio quality meat!

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I got some meat. Beef jerkey cooking show on mast tonight. I'm not a pro at all, just want to show how ridiculously easy and accessible cheap preservable red meat can be. A mast exclusive!

Just found my own answer. Click on your avatar to go to your profile page, stats are public there

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Bitcoin Mastodon probably now has more hourly users than all Ethereum dApps combined.

Mastodon meta Q:

- where to find follower count and stats?
- anybody has a list of accounts to follow to bootstrap?

What. The fuck? Guy posts photo kissing CSW followed by a photo of his penis with ruler for scale. archive.li/iGUEY

It's gotten too weird.

Inspiration for emojis @nvk

One of my top fav crypto memes: "the pink fields"


I'm not joking I'm speaking at an event where Janet Yellin will be keynote speaker.

I have SO many ideas I can't pick one.

Wish I was @_Kevin_Pham then I'd just tatoo "buy Bitcoin" and rub off the makeup just as she gets on stage for that priceless selfie

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