me: "the road is a little narrow to put the entrance of the bridge here"

worker: "well... it's your road. we can make it wider if you want"


Now is time for me to make up for the bitcoins required to acquire land at all cost, to arm yourself at all cost and to reproduce at all cost by buying Bitcoin at all cost. The costs do add up.

I did a special episode on Aleks' podcast with Dave from Bitcoin Brains entitled The Remnant Podcast. Be on the lookout for it. It's wild.

The Quebec public school system ALONE requires 85 million disposable masks to be worn and thrown away per year. Holy fuck.

Environmental disaster.

embracing your gender role to the fullest is the key compomemt to being happy

If you are in Canada I urge with the utmost sincerity to leave the country NOW and move to Mexico or Costa Rica. They will soon never let you leave. Consider that you are about to live under the Great Reset dictatorships for the next 5 years at best. This was predicted in The Sovereign Individual. The time to act is NOW. The establishment is also moving in on the bitcoiners, trust me on this.

Not all bitcoiners are good fathers. All good fathers are bitcoiners.

Men with bitcoins are more scarce than bitcoins. Highly prized asset for a family.

God has given me the certainty that I am on the right path and that he is on my side. He has cleared the way for me.

Two week open source hackathon with Bull Bitcoin devs in the jungle. What crazy shit will we come up with?

The open-source Bitcoin transaction batching software we released a few months ago is absolutely crushing it. Thanks to custom RBF and CPFP scripts in cyphernode we have zero issues cranking out bitcoin purchases every minute.

Massive infrastructure improvement coming to Bull Bitcoin. I wish we had released a few months ago. KYC will be much less strict and site will be much faster. Hopefully next week!

one time @nvk and I were having dinner with saifedean and a few others and we ate so much meat the waiter came over and said "you ate all the meat we had in the restaurant, there is none left" and I asked him to repeat it twice for my satisfaction.

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Own bitcoin ✅
Deleted twitter ✅
Grayscaled my phone ✅
Joined Mastadon ✅
Was a real son of a bitch re-following everyone, but ✅
Eliminate the noise ✅

@parkeralewis @drbitcoinmd

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Working on @SpecterWallet is an amazing experience for me!
Really grateful to the @HRF for supporting my work and @tyler and @cameron for supporting open source development!

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