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@mullvadnet there is a minor modification needed in your signature tutorial page.

On the section "Do the actual verification"
The code block has an extra "2", should have the command
`gpg --verify Mullvad.....` instead

Then it works great

Has anyone had any experience setting up a btc mining company in Portugal?

I'm looking more for the adm side as miners would be located in a different site. Can anyone recommend an accountant for that?

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RT @SparrowWallet
Sparrow v1.6.0 released with:

BIP47 - linking, sending to and receiving from PayNyms using private addresses
Automatic wallet discovery from a seed using File > Import Wallet
Improved label handling and memory usage


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Episode 3 of my YUBIKEY series is out!
Trying the keys for Encryption/Signing and introducing the best gd password manager in the World!

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RT @realConnieBevan: Start the Nuremberg 2 trials for forcing unsuspecting people to get the jabs or lose their jobs!


Posted: Wed Mar 02 16:48:46 0000 2022
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Twitter-to-Mastodon crossposting, where you post on Twitter and automatically copy the same post to Mastodon, is a controversial topic. Some people don't bother checking to see if anyone replies to their crossposts on Mastodon, which is kind of crappy behaviour. Some instances specifically ban this in order to prevent unmonitored "zombie" accounts filling up the Fediverse.

However, it is possible to crosspost in the other direction, Mastodon-to-Twitter, which isn't controversial at all. This means that Mastodon is the primary focus of such accounts, and can make the transition to Mastodon much easier for people who still have followers on Twitter.

Also, some people crosspost Twitter-to-Mastodon but do regularly check both accounts, which seems reasonable.

Whatever you decide is right for you, a popular online tool for crossposting in either direction is @crossposter available from

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Crossposting

Looking forward to the next @breedlove22 episode with Robert Malone. It was tough to not tell him he's a shitcoiner and keep him on point but he probably just hasn't done his homework on this front yet. Will be something like J B Peterson orange pilling on Saifdean's show.

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thinking about how every central banker despises gold and considers it a barbarous relic, and how every central bank holds gold on it's balance sheet

I don't have time to walk them through it one by one and i can't let them down like that

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Does anyone have an article summarizing why nfts are a big fat scam? I keep getting relatives bombarding me with articles of "company x is hiring a talking head to explore nfts in the metaverse"

The latest

"If Disney is doing it, it sure can't be a scam"

Any semblance with the current days is simply a coincidence or a conspiracy theory

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When I see "we care about your privacy" I get a weird creepy vibe from it.

Like, why? Why the hell do you care about my privacy? What business of yours is my privacy?

Why don't you go ahead and care about something else? My privacy was just fine before you started "caring" for it.

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