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$10456.94 (1 usd = 9563 sats)

3 sat/B ($0.06) - 20m
1 sat/B ($0.02) - 40m

blocks 648077

But also, it could apply only to when the mining pool is based in Russia. Because foreign income is another bucket. It does imply that you can't solomine then 🤣

But the rewards part might be because they have other laws that say you cannot use anything other than rubles to pay for goods and services within Russia. (I find it really weird as they have usd and eur denominated bank accounts)

Snapchat of all ad companies. They must be swimming in money to reject advertisers like that. Maybe the compliance dpt will be out of work soon 😅

@TallTim but most customers will be outside of Estonia

Is not about twitter censorship, it's about those companies building profiles on us and taking action off twitter based on it

Bitcoin hackers. Does anyone have a postman collection for lnd's rest API?

I hate it when I have to mention revolit in a twitter thread And I know their social media intern will see their brand name mentioned and doxx me when he's trying to get that promotion

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Code words on twitter to defect attention and not fall into smm's with too much time on their hands (plausible deniability as typos)
Revolut = revolit
N26 = n27
Your coins = your corn
Bisq = biqs
Coinbase = boincase (thanks Cory!)
Kraken = kakren
Trezor = tezor
Ethirium = ethirium
Lightning = litening

That's why we need bitcoin and lightning Network

Only the two pics with coins, because the metal can have some value apart from the colorful tattoos



Come on, both signal and sessions are not ideal. We need! The apps are not the 8th wonder of the world but the protocol beneath is much better than the other alternatives

Never been better, block height has never been higher

I stayed out of this place for a few months and now seems like a lot of familiar bitcoin faces are here! Welcome everyone!

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