@srahalh it does look legit but the way Google is described here is the default tokenization scheme. Stripe, adyen and 99% of payment processors use it in this way. It is what enables you to save the card and use it in a different device

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EA servers are currently vulnerable to CVE-2009-3555, allowing unsafe TLS renegotiation.

@[email protected] issued a WONTFIX because it was discovered by a Linux user, and Windows does not currently complain about the vuln. Epic.


Fucking fiat sEcUrItY checks. One can't ficking go on holiday without PayPal locking you out of your own account due to "suspicious" activity. 🐷 For them wearing a VPN is suspicious wtf

@CharlesTannock the magic of democracy. Whenever it is convenient the vote makes you responsible.

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I don’t have a helmet yet and i’m afk for a while. If anyone could edit my fake avatar face into a hodlnaut helmet i would be eternally grateful. Thanks broskis.

@stephanlivera i guess then i agree... Because "easy" there is none, only hard passive income

@stephanlivera disagree. I have found it. You just need to think harder. Of course there is no ready product that will give you passive income (why would someone rent an asset that produces more than the rent costs?) But it is possible.

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"Stripe is taking advantage of a lack of regulation in this space to steal small merchant's large transactions. They see a big, outlier transaction and lick their chops, hiding behind KYC and "Fraud prevention" to hold your money indefinitely."

@nchia well, the blind doesn't have to read it, they are allowed. But the non blind with dogs are very unlikely to have a guide dog. That's who the sign is for

@anita @mikeinspace plus, that's not "encrypting" it's just simple obfuscation

@anita @mikeinspace come on that doesn't improve your privacy by one bit. You only prevent fb from knowing a who shared what with whom inside their platform. But it's a crippled feature from inception. You always need to resolve links all the way until stripping makes any sense. Plus, since fb analytics was deprecated the fbclic parameter is only used internally to Facebook.

@TikToc seems like the great resignation is happening to the politicians now. Argentina's president also resigned today

I really don't get these fintech companies. They make their product exactly for your company. You start using it, become reliant on it and then their safety department kicks you out.

Juni.co is One more of the pseudo banks who do that.

If you're ever considering them for your company, it looks good but stay away!

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