Does anyone know of an erc20 token that represents a bitcoin? I'm wondering if someone has already tried using Ethereum as a btc Sidechain and having a 1-to-1 peg with a token.

@Fkrauss there was one last summer but was an obvious gimmick shitcoin called ebtc, then a whole bunch of ethereum altcoins cae out immediately after...all scams

@Shekelcoin that's exactly what I was looking for, minus the exit scam part. 😂

@Fkrauss It came out at the peak height of the price bubble last year

Just saw this, wrapped btc that's the way to use Ethereum as a Sidechain :)

@Fkrauss 😅 this came up in my feed, and i thought maybe you launched it.

@Fkrauss the ethereum sidechain you speak of is called RSK or Rootstock, which is an ethereum-like smart contract platform/sidechain for bitcoin.

@Shekelcoin but that's something else. You can't use a RSK "token" with metamask, for example. I mean really using eth as the Sidechain, not something like eth

@Fkrauss Nope, nothing like that exists, because Eth is broken, and it was easier to just implement an Eth like platform which has all security of BTC without Ethereums gigantic attack surface

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