Is it just me or do you also feel like :
eth community == millenials being irresponsible and thinking the world owes them something
BTC community == been there, done that people who don't fall for cheap bs

@Fkrauss Its another litmus test. Do you think a coin should have a leader, that shows up at conferences instead of solving his huge problems? Then is the coin for you! Also, their ethical lapse when they ignored the community and unilaterally decided to roll back the debacle shows immature thought processes - "it isn't fair" -- yes it was, "code is law" until you don't like it, right? They are idealists slamming up against reality. Soon to be REKT.

True. I was comparing the telegram group for honey badger in ruga and eth berlin messages. You can see clearly the audience of each

@Fkrauss I agree that tends to attract the younger crowd, probably due to Vitalik only being in his twenties himself. Still won't save them though. I think they are going to hit problems again, and "sharding" won't save them.

Honestly, I think Vitalik noticed that eth is a Doomed project. The Blockchain already at 1tb with more and more centralization pressure. He goes to these conferences to pump it up and quietly sell his stake before it all gets to a grinding halt

@Fkrauss It would also explain his sudden fascination with and -- perhaps looking to jump ship to another "profitunity"? His followers will be devastated.

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