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Also on Saturday! @bitcoinrehab with @BTChap two episodes coming up right after Shinobi. Starring guests @Fkrauss @1971Bubble @empty_banks @_pretyflaco and another segment with @CypherpunkNow and @cryptograffiti talking about Art and Culture.

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$10456.94 (1 usd = 9563 sats)

3 sat/B ($0.06) - 20m
1 sat/B ($0.02) - 40m

blocks 648077

Bitcoin hackers. Does anyone have a postman collection for lnd's rest API?

I hate it when I have to mention revolit in a twitter thread And I know their social media intern will see their brand name mentioned and doxx me when he's trying to get that promotion

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Code words on twitter to defect attention and not fall into smm's with too much time on their hands (plausible deniability as typos)
Revolut = revolit
N26 = n27
Your coins = your corn
Bisq = biqs
Coinbase = boincase (thanks Cory!)
Kraken = kakren
Trezor = tezor
Ethirium = ethirium
Lightning = litening

I stayed out of this place for a few months and now seems like a lot of familiar bitcoin faces are here! Welcome everyone!

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Quick chat with most economic-oriented bitcoin podcast "CryptoVoices" founders - Matthew Mežinskis and Fernando U..

Kinda forgot to share here. But if you're in Copenhagen next week, I'll be hosting a bitcoin meetup downtown. Join in!

Does anyone know of an erc20 token that represents a bitcoin? I'm wondering if someone has already tried using Ethereum as a btc Sidechain and having a 1-to-1 peg with a token.

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The year is 2192: Theresa May's zombie has just survived its 283,485th vote of no confidence and is on its way to G…

I have a feeling that 2019 will be the year that governments will jump on the stablecoin bandwagon trying to mimmick the transparency of bitcoin by naively adopting one feature of today's hardest money. Their hope to detract attention from btc will only make btc stronger. The jump Fiat >> btc is much bigger than fiat stablecoin (on a blockchain) >> btc.

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He meant "fund"
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Had to get back and listen to it again: "safety in a moose"... What?!! "Saifedean Ammous"

Is it just me or do you also feel like :
eth community == millenials being irresponsible and thinking the world owes them something
BTC community == been there, done that people who don't fall for cheap bs

Btc mastodon, how do you keep up to date in terms of conferences? There's so much trash out there that I can't find what's good in time

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