@protonmail a lot of spam and phishing has been falling through the spam detector. Is there any way to help improve your spam detection? I could fwd troves of spam that Google caught on my gmail if you want

@mattodell I ran out of sats in my podcasting 2.0 wallet.

Make good use of it!

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Thinking of incentives to get hosts on board. Why shouldn’t they have a piece of the cake? Especially if they are free/open source 😃

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Anybody here on bitcoinhackers that manages a newsletter/blog on substack, revue or ghost?

I'm working on a small side project and want to poke some brains that are bitcoiners and use those

@stephanlivera do you know anyone?

Funny... brave launched "search" and are heavily targeting DDg on their marketing. If you use brave search they basically copied all ddg features. Even the bangs work exactly the same.

Yet they never disclosed how all these "users" contribute to their independent index. Maybe they just proxy the DDg api and apply some ordering

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@martin i wonder, can podfriend and placasting 2.0 support the show paying for the listeners? Like some sort of way to promote a podcast

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Proprietary AI decided to murder the wrong person. It only kills people by mistake some of the time, so we will probably let it continue without accountability. Like Tesla self-driving.


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If I need to be able to hire or otherwise trust someone with any ties to China moving forward, I am going to want them to publicly say "Taiwan is a country".

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* Chat logs, phone #, email -> Discord
* Name, email, CC #, home address -> Shopify
* Gov ID, vaccine card -> Goons

I hope I am proven wrong, but it seems the days of large US-based, open tech, and privacy first hacker conferences are gone.


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If you or anyone you know has a large project that wishes to reduce the $ given to Apple by removing the 5 simultaneous user limit in MacOS, I have an exploit for you.


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Signal 100% can turn over user data.

1. They could dump metadata encryption keys from an unpatched SGX node.
2. The next update could silently send plaintext messages to feds.

They can't gaslight courts forever.

Centralized privacy will fail.


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YouTube censors millions of videos every month.

They just hosted a Freedom of Expression event to give themselves an award for free expression.

I have no words.


One of the most bizarre things in modernity is the academic field of entrepreneurship...

it's the closest thing to the literal manifestation of the "lecturing birds how to fly" effect

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On a botched Dengue Fever vaccine, that actually _increased_ your risk of hospitalization/death by about 45% if you hadn't contracted Dengue Fever before.

The craziest thing is this _was_ known, but the WHO recommended all children be given the vaccine anyway, regardless of infection status.

"'No, you can't give a vaccine to a perfectly normal, healthy person and then put them at an increased risk for the rest of their lives' Halstead says. "You can't do that.""

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Is this the real Bruce Schneider?

Applied cryptography book sales must be going really bad for him to branch out into FUDporn fanfic writing.

Jeeeez you can't unread this trash. :bitcoin:

I really expected more from an old school cypherpunk

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if you need a secure and private email, why not take a look at CTemplar: Armored Email? It will keep your online identity and private data away from tracking.


#secure #private #email

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