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Enjoying thia btc run-up. And yet is still way undervalued. Since its $20k high in 2017, a lot more value has been added to the ecosystem. It's never been more valuable than it is right now, despite the current price.

I was banned from years ago for accidentally placing a big order on their mobile app.
The order cancelled but they never forgave me for it. So Fuck coinbase.

After fell to $3200 from $20k, a "friend" asked me to lunch to gloat. I told him I was doubling down. He laughed.
Now he thinks I am a genius.
I wish I had doubled down, but he'll never know I didn't.

Come on, .
Smash $10k.
We've done it before.
Don't overthink it.

It's easy to see a path to $20,000 this year.

I wonder what thinks about 's obsession with them. Always the first country to slide out of his month when he needs a 'good' country.

U.S woman were guaranteed a win, but the dominance over Thailand is absolute. Its a great day to be a us football fan.

U.S woman were guaranteed a win, but the dominance over Thailand is absolute. Its a great day to be a us football fan.

I'm cheap so I like free ota TV. Everything was fine with all 35 local stations on uhf for 10 years. Then last month fcc took uhf TV channels for 5g and sent my local NBC and 2 pbs networks to vhf freqs. Today I had to trade my cute little 8 bowtie antenna for a huge vhf/uhf monstrosity, just to stay even.
Progress is great until it becomes an inconvenience.

Besides , I have a few favorites. In not a btc maximalist. I think there are several worthy experiments.
Btc is my core, and fuck bsv.

I love women's , currently watching outplay on Fox. Looking forward to seeing the U.S. women play this week.

Few more notes about trading on :
You swap coins right out of your wallet.
You control your real private keys (not fake privkeys for tokens)
No withdraw fees
No kyc
No coin listing fees

I have been testing atomic swap and trading on , with great results.
This works, and it is fast becoming easy to use.
If you hate centralized exchanges just half as much as I do, invest a few minutes to learn about BlockDx.

I'm not seeing this happen on here, but it's rampant on Twitter.

If you mock someone, even a terrible person, for their clothes or not knowing the rules of formal wear, you are accepting a ton of collateral damage.

There are lots and lots of reasons why someone might not have well-fitting clothes or keep up with formal etiquette about dress, and you're punching down at them when you do this.

If you're going to criticize evil people, criticize them for their evilness.

"⁠Access to the decentralized exchange developed by major cryptocurrency exchange will be blocked from 29 countries"

Then Binance isn't a true Dex. They should stop using the term before it becomes meaningless and even more confusing than it already is.

Having to trade real crypto for fake "tokens" and a promise to redeem the tokens later for valuable coins makes your shit company a Chucky Cheese, not a Dex.

My thoughts and are with the shooting victims in Virginia Beach.

So in England to is to . We're ok with that, right?

It dont bother me if it don't bother you, .

I stay invested in because a. I am not a genius trader, b. I do not want to miss any giant moves up, c. This has worked for me for many years now.

Another day, another scammer in our telegram channel selling exchange listings, "cooperations, or paying "very big cashes" for your .
They've always been there, and a scammer gotta make a living, but damn man, mix it up a little.

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