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Enjoying thia btc run-up. And yet is still way undervalued. Since its $20k high in 2017, a lot more value has been added to the ecosystem. It's never been more valuable than it is right now, despite the current price.

I hope Prince Harry uses his interview with Oprah to shill tonight. I need to dump that shit.

Crypto traders, beware! USD is a highly volatile and unstable currency, as evidenced by these big price swings against .
I do not recommend holding fiat for more than a few minutes.

My prediction was right (50k by May), but was months wrong on the time table.
Bitcoin is still in a massive, massive bull market. Don't be deceived by a paltry 30% dip in USD.
I have lived every single BTC-USD dip since 2011 in real time. I used to anguish over them. But I have learned the secret to zen: think in BTC, not USD.

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#bitcoin 222% annualized returns since inception

We try to compare it things we are familiar with like gold or the internet, but in reality there is nothing in this universe we can compare it to.

I feel so blessed to be living during this pivotal moment in human history.

bot list:

dont sell your blood, sweat and tear-covered bitcoin to wall street this dip

rescue more



I wrote a Satoshi Dice clone in Python 3. onchain games are not practical so I'm testing on Uno/Unobtanium . Working great.

I didn't think it would happen so soon, but I am already bored as hell with $19k .
Come on, $btc, gimme my adrenaline shot for the day!

"So many nocoiners can't understand how people "less smart than them" got rich on

They wait endlessly on the sidelines to buy
"when it's cheap again" because they think they deserve those gains.

will punish your ego. It's not going to wait around for you."

Its not gonna feel like a new ATH until breaks through $20k.
We shouldn't have to wait much longer.

Just bought through PayPal for the first time today. Its a thing.

📱 Time to update: Tor Browser 10.0.3 for Android is out now.

We began working on this project in April with the goal of rebuilding the Tor Browser for Android on Mozilla's new Android Firefox Browser, Fenix. We have successfully achieved this goal:

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