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Enjoying thia btc run-up. And yet is still way undervalued. Since its $20k high in 2017, a lot more value has been added to the ecosystem. It's never been more valuable than it is right now, despite the current price.

All money should be private, p2p, and digital. Cash has 2 out of 3. has 2 out of 3. We can do better.


Algorithms used in surveillance technology are not neutral or objective. They are built on top of the bias and racism of our culture and they perpetuate harm.

How rich is 'rich enough' in ?
Lambo rich? Pay off the mortgage rich? Fuck You money rich?
I just don't know any more. I'm waiting for $50k for 3 years now.

Mastodon say:
13 people talking"

THIRTEEN!!? THATS IT? What kind of a nuthouse is this place that only 13 people are talking about ?
Is it because Bitcoin is scary, filled with scammers, thieves, hackers, and IRS lurkers? Nah, couldn't be.

So is closing their popular forum because.... why?

At least we still have, don't we? I haven't been on their in a year. Hopefully my 'Legendary' account at BCT remains unhacked.

Thanks, @donaldtrump for the $12.27 check!
Joke's on you! I shouldn't have got anything.
Then again, it doesn't take much to get me stimulated.
Already spent and drunk.

So excited to have surpassed 3,000 fake followers!
Being irresistibly witty and charming probably helped a little.

Note to self:
Before pasting a private key, disable spell checking.

Do you know anyone who received a letter from the IRS about taxes? Asking for a friend.

#BitPay Says It Has ‘Paused’ Processing Bitcoin Payments in Germany

#Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processor BitPay confirmed that it suspended its operations in Germany.

I spent a week on social network .
What a trolly piece of shit it is. Plenty of content, all of it seemingly from Putin's troll farms. It falls far, far short of Mastodon.

Of course I would love to have esp to time tops and bottoms. But
I stay invested and ride them out. I have seen how can leave you far behind, very quickly.

I love USA women soccer team. However, I am not encouraged by late partying the night before a crucial match. Perhaps they are as confident as they believe themselves dominant.

We will all know in a few hours.

The best job on TV must be hosting CBS Saturday Morning show. Today they're drinking beer. Later a top chef will feed them, and then a cool Indy band will play for them.

I was banned from years ago for accidentally placing a big order on their mobile app.
The order cancelled but they never forgave me for it. So Fuck coinbase.

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