There may come a time when you have to sell an organ.

I'll be appearing on the Global Bitcoin meetup stream for a bit in about 30 mins

Thessaloniki, Toronto, HK, Sydney represented

It was discovered the sun did not revolve around the earth...just like Bitcoin does not revolve around Fiat.
If you count your Sats relative to purchasing power instead of comparing Bitcoin to the price of will have discovered the secrets of the universe.

What a time to be alive. More people are losing trust in their native currencies and realizing Bitcoin. Like driving slow to a funeral.

Someone tell Yellen there's no need to regulate Bitcoin now...

A live look at Janet Yellen's attempt at regulating ₿itcoin.

Futures trading higher as the criminals regain control.

In about 3 months...there will be voters remorse on a scale never seen.

Institutional investors are blind to Bitcoins fundamentals...they treat it like a commodity and/ or traditional investment tool. At the first sign of Fiat/ debt based optimism...they will be the first to dump their coins and return home to keep the ponzi alive.

Everytime that there is something released of great importance...the elites are first to acquire it.

Not with the vaccine tho.

@EmptyBanks Damn shame - one day the US govt. will find it too irresistible, and instantly be one of the biggest holders by paying out worthless fiat. Insto’s have no choice at present but individuals buying themselves (not through IRA’s etc) need their heads read - there are multiple other ETF’s already outside US at zero premium

Greyscale is becoming quite the honeypot...just sayin.

Sneak peek of the entertainment scheduled for the inauguration of Joe Biden.

These fucking morons claiming that the vaccine delay is causing more deaths is completely false.

Both Moderna and Pfizer CEO's publicly said the vaccine does not prevent spread and not guaranteed to protect against infection.

The IMF, BIS, and combined Central Banks are incapable of handling money supply, interest rates, market health, and economic recovery.
...and then you factor in the global army of Bitcoin.

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