The Corpo/Banking Class told everyone that Automation is going to replace our jobs, and not to worry

But, they get all bent out of shape when we tell them is going Automate and Replace their Jobs

Love the Irony

Sovereign defense go fuck yourself.

'It's not fair, you got in early'...said the new ₿itcoiners in 2013 at 100usd per coin.
Stack now and forever free yourself...we haven't even gotten started yet.

You can be on par with whats happening in the world...but some people have a tendency to take it farther than they should.
Don't lose your shit...keep it critical.

For those of you who do dumb shit backed up with some industrial beats.🔊

Set your volume control...don't let the volume control set you.

You can run away or you can stand together and fight.
The future generations will either brand you a coward or they will celebrate you as heroes.

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