This is Elmo after he was convinced to take the covid jab

The fat babymaker Pfizer shill making her rounds again...fearmongering the public pumping her bags.

We have sleeper cells inside the Fed and the ready for an epic assault and embarrassment when they launch their respective CBDCs. To prove to the world once and for all they are incompetent and a failure at everything they do.
The Final Nail.

Start stacking your winter goods and clothes now...good luck on finding anything "just in time"

some days I feel like people in general are bugs in search of a windshield.

Macron loses majority...has to ask permission to make anymore changes. Hopefully France comes to a quick recovery.

Democrat's solution to the homeless problem is drug overdoses...easy access to fentanyl is their plausible deniability while taking their cut from China and Mexico.

Death comes in 3's.
The bear market won't be over until Hex rugs.
Whats right is right.

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