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For those interested, I've written up a blog post on how I host my own data.

Calendar, contacts, photos, file storage, search engine, media, RSS feeds, passwords, websites & more.

Resources for learning more are also shared in the post.

Am I missing something here? None of these podcasting 2.0 apps have a volume control.

Damn, the EU has been flooding fedi with junk science on a dozen different accounts lately.

This weekend looks rough. Getting even my dust off exchanges

Trashing your own city because people in another state got the freedom to change a law that doesn't effect you.

Everyone seems to think bitcoiners are waiting for a time when they jump back into the rigged game. I thought some of these people understood what it is.

Why is @protonmail trying to look like microsoft now. Gross.

If you own a restaurant of any kind, please serve your food on plates. The amount of US restaurants that think they are reinventing the plate is out of control.

To all my lightning nodlers. If I closed our channels, it's due to me trying to figure out where I going to live. My internet connectivity is going to be too spotty to keep a node running for a few months. I don't want to lock up your sats.

Anyone ever read "You can farm" by Joel Salatin? Are there a lot of graphs, pictures and whatnot, or would the audiobook work?

Or... Expose them all to covid and isolate them for 2 weeks. Then make a killing selling covid immune hamsters.

Rash of US corpos taking natural immunity from prior infection off the exemption list today.

Hey @adam and @Johncdvorak, what are the options for a pseudonymous bitcoiner to support the show? Can I stream sats with a podcast app, produce a show with bitcoin, use my nym rather than my corpo identity? I just found you guys. I’d like to exchange value for value, without doxing myself.

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