So I made a bitcoin lambo skin in Forza Horizon, inspired by the Indy car. Naming the skin bitcoin or putting in the description was blocked by the language filter, upon trying to share it. WTF Microsoft?

I don't know if I can call @martybent mainstream, but this is the most exposure I've seen this idea get. Thanks Marty!

This is starting to accelerate. The Citadels are actually being planned out now. Land is getting purchased.

Tony Hawk back to skating on a janky half pipe in the parking lot.

"That thing they created for entertainment purposes." -Ron Paul American Hero.

Weinstein WBD TLDL:

Eric has been trying to disrupt traditional economics for 30 years.

Bitcoin has been trying for 12 years.

Bitcoin isn't working fast enough for Eric.

If we give our bitcoin to Eric, he will continue what he has been trying for 30 years.

If were at $320,883 per coin, the US government would need all of them to cover this years budget proposal. 🤡

Hey @bitcoinmagazine any chance you can throw a link to your website in your profile? I am actually that lazy.

OK folks, it's true. I'm the new CEO of bitcoin. All council members check in with me, before you get into your breakout groups.

If anyone wants to open a channel with my LN node for 1000000 sats, I'll rebalance it as soon as it's active, 500k/500k.

030[email protected]vqak5rhfuupsmknldrqvzyufrtrz2izmaewjmzboafyzauikltrwjnid.onion:9735

Same ol shitcoin pump and dump schemes, but now the big boys are playing.

Let's bring back the spit shake to complete business deals.

I'm constantly shocked at how early it is. There is basically no reporting on the uptake of taproot. In the future, expect 24/7 coverage of a upgrade getting approved by the masses.

OK, everybody calm down. I need the mempool to clear just a little more before you all go crazy buying the corn.

If Doge is a bet on Elon being a troll, it might be the best shitcoin. (humor, please don't shitcoin)

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