How to place an ad/message on the Billboard

1. Enter into and in the Billboard copy the nodeid
2. Enter in Thunderhub app in your node and on the top right you have a chat icon
3. Enter the chat and paste the nodeid, it comes out to send a message
4. write the message and send it. The cost would be 1 sat or more (depends how are your fees)
5. In a few moments your message will appear on the Billboard

Well that's it for my fiat job. Not welcome back when the vaxxers go back into the office.

Now I just need to find a state or country that is still free.

Happened to be in the United State of New Hampshire last night.

The Bank of NH Pavilion had a few thousand people out to see Billy Strings.

I’m happy to report, I saw more people with bare feet than with masks.

Go out and

I'm old enough to remember when you could procure goods and services in the states. It's starting to look like hyperinflation is imminent.

If we're going to force everyone to take government sponsored pharmaceuticals, my vote is to bring back Quaaludes.

Specter Desktop is starting to be more trouble than it's worth. Anyone have a decent desktop wallet they like?

Then she went crazy. But, she had a good 5 mins.

Cathie Wood with a solid call out of companies that aren't innovating and are just leveraging up. That woke at least one CEO up.

Went with a triangle 1 million sat ring. Everyone put in 2 or 4 sats per vb for the open cost and the whole thing was opened in a few hours. I have routed one transaction.

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Been running a for some time now. I have some very healthy channels with very low fees. I rarely ever route a transaction. Going to try a ring of fire at
Updates to come.

So I made a bitcoin lambo skin in Forza Horizon, inspired by the Indy car. Naming the skin bitcoin or putting in the description was blocked by the language filter, upon trying to share it. WTF Microsoft?

I don't know if I can call @martybent mainstream, but this is the most exposure I've seen this idea get. Thanks Marty!

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