After reflecting at 80C; my near future plan is to keep running this indeterminately

Socialmedia is at dire times, I don't want to dump this cosy spot until we've better solutions

I strongly encourage ppl who can, run their own instances & just connect to us


I will keep signups closed, maybe invite only later

Moderation rules will remain the same w/ the exception of being less understanding w/ ppl being dicks, that includes bitching about BH on Twitter

Nice! I can access my node through tor again!

There is a coordinated attack going on right now and the only way to fight it is decentralization through some sly roundabout way.

I don't think the general population takes into account just how many strong handed bitcoiners are consistently buying and taking sats off the market for a long long long time.

The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

now is as good a time as any to spend more time on mastodon I suppose

I have never saved even a fraction of what I save now due to stacking sats. Bitcoin will change the way the world views saving.

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