The word parable comes from the Greek παραβολή (parabolē), literally "throwing" (bolē) "alongside" (para-), by extension meaning "comparison,

seems to be a comparison to the moral lessons of Christianity.

All other forms of religion (or lack there) are crypto. If you believe them, you will get rekt.

There is nothing new under the sun.

It might be the most important number for all humankind. It is arbitrary number limit, sure. But this limit will revolutionize the World.

My only strategy is to market buy asap on every payday. So glad to stack Sats below $50k. Maybe the last opportunity?

Today my 14 yr old son plops down $122 on my desk, including change, and directs me to convert it to Bitcoin. 100% of his savings on hand, doubling his Bitcoin position. I ask why? He says "Why save cash when you can buy Bitcoin?" And walks away.

Year 1922. Running your wheelbarrow of weimar dollars to the grocery to buy maximum food in real-time hyper inflation free fall.
Year 2021. Instantly converting your fiat stimmy into Bitcoin at ATH.
Same vibes.

Even though ownership of Bitcoin is a zero-sum game, incentives from use of Bitcoin is a positive-sum game overflowing with positive externalities.

Even the people who fight Bitcoin will end up benefiting from it.

ETH is a parasite. A tick on the balls of BTC if you will.
(The entire crypto space attaches to legitimacy of Bitcoin)
If ETH dies, BTC increases in power. If BTC ceases, so does ETH and all of crypto.
Why promote a parasite?

Welp...this day was one for the record books.

Tesla's SEC filing. This solidifies Bitcoin as gold 2.0 and provides cover for other public companies. Their stock will soar and provoke all other public companies to make the same move. Seriously, every subsequent Board of Directors meeting from now on will discuss Bitcoin.
Although anticipated, it cannot be overstated how consequentially enormous this announcement truly is.

I'll say it....I don't give a shit about carbon emissions. I'm not even sure more carbon emissions wouldn't help the world. They pump it into greenhouses....= bigger plants, greater production, more oxygen.
Bitcoin should not apologize for greater initial carbon emissions as a byproduct of proof of work.

When you think about it Michael Saylor is the perfect promoter for Bitcoin. Even before Bitcoin his life's mission was to make high level educated free for anyone who wants it. Check-out his website
It's truly badass. I don't think this is celebrated enough.
If there is a dude on track to be a future mega-billionaire I'm glad it will be him and his values.

Micheal Saylor on Bitcoin vs Gold as a store of value. (Could be relevant to the Bitcoin vs Silver debate)

So freaking obvious.

I don't want to crap on the silver squeezers because I like their fervent spirit and righteous intent. But we all know Bitcoin is the ultimate short and hope for the common man. As they jack around with silver, whales continue to scoop Bitcoin. Maybe a clip from Michael Saylor describing the pitfalls of commodity investing would help open some eyes?

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