Bitcoin hackers- if you'd be so kind to open a channel with me on lightning, I'll send one back your way. Promise! My URI: 03a[email protected]

@Dennis Oops - sorry. Not done. I should've waited for the command to complete.

When I try to open a channel with you (or even just connect), I get:
[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = dial tcp connect: connection timed out

(I'm using LND, if that matters.)

@Dennis @OpinionatedGeek
I did not have a problem opening a channel with you using raspiblitz which is running lnd.

@Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @DMN737 I received a time-out when trying to connect as well, first time I've had that problem

@htimsxela @OpinionatedGeek @DMN737 damn... maybe my computer went to sleep over night? Should be awake now tho.... and I will turn off sleep

@Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @DMN737

'lncli getnodeinfo [yourkey]' returns just fine, but 'connect' is still failing on a timeout.

How many connected peers do you currently have? Did you set a max?

@htimsxela @OpinionatedGeek @DMN737 The node is up and I don't have a firewall. I only have 9 channels. I dont see anywhere to specify a max # on eclair

@Dennis @htimsxela @DMN737 Hmm. It's the same behaviour for me - I can't ping it or telnet to it or connect LND to it, but I have the node info on my server too.

I'm happy to try some things to help find out where the problem is, I'm just out of ideas to try. Can you connect to my LND from your server? It's 03d[email protected]

@Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela The fact that our nodes are still connected and talking to each other and that your node reacts but refuses connections to the rest makes a strong case for nr of channels limit that the others mentioned.

@DMN737 @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Thanks I'll have to investigate... Wasn't aware of this limit in eclair

@Dennis @DMN737 @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela i use pretty much eclair only and never hit that limit, i don't think it exists. Btw i can't reach your node, can it be that your IP address changed but you haven't updated the advertised IP in the conf?

@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Are you referring to me or Dennis? My node is up and reachable.

@DMN737 @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela that's interesting, from my side i can't reach connection times out.

@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Times out using what protocol? It was mentioned before that Dennis's node did respond but would accept new connections.

@DMN737 @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela using plain TCP protocol, checked with netcat with "nc -v [IP_ADDR] [PORT]"

@DMN737 @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela btw feel free to open a channel with my node: 029[email protected] . I also have a little spare balance to open a new channel on my side..

@ott0disk @DMN737 @Dennis @htimsxela Connecting to Andrea's gives:
Connection to 9735 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

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@ott0disk @Dennis @OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela Opened a channel with you. Waiting for confirmations 👍🏻😎

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@ott0disk @DMN737 @Dennis @htimsxela Yup, I get:
nc: connect to port 9735 (tcp) failed: Connection timed out

@OpinionatedGeek @htimsxela @DMN737 I tried to ping the computer from work and similarly was unable to connect. With @DMN737 I first connected to him before he sent an inbound connection. Perhaps that makes a difference? Also- it's possible I have a firewall on my router... I can check this when I get home.

@htimsxela @Dennis @DMN737 Hmm. Can't explain what's going on, but:
telnet 9735
doesn't connect to your node, from either my laptop or my LND node. If I try:
telnet 9735
I can connect to my own (remote) node though. Is it definitely still up? Or is there a firewall between me and it?

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