How long until Calvin Ayre starts referring to BCHABC as "bcash"?

Roger Ver posts an article on r/btc referring to himself in the title as "Crypto Legend Roger Ver" smh

Stopping by to trigger my bitcoin carnivore friends with my homemade tortelloni con ricotta arrabiata.

Bitcoin hackers- if you'd be so kind to open a channel with me on lightning, I'll send one back your way. Promise! My URI: 03a[email protected]

I love all of the bitcoin infrastructure projects going on right now while the rest of the world is still distracted by ICOs and alts/forks. Sophisticated VCs and angels know where the real innovation is happening... lots of bitcoin infrastructure projects are raising big rounds!

Prediction: Brian Armstrong will start believing in Bitcoin again.

Will we see any high profile BCH defections back to Bitcoin? Or is everyone doing their own fork?

There are a lot of propaganda diagrams of Bitcoin forks, so I threw together a better one. Would love to hear criticism and you can also edit it on ppt if you'd like, here's a link:

Bloomberg: "Roger Ver, the virtual currency advocate often referred to as Bitcoin Jesus, is finding it tough to win converts to the supposed second coming of the the world’s biggest cryptocurrency."

Interesting Bitmain development. I wonder (1) is this real and (2) what is the reason for the decreased revenue

Will "Bitcoin SV" really create another altcoin or is it just a BCH client?

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Home timelines should be all caught up now. Our traffic is averaging 400 req/s with occasional spikes to 1,200 req/s.

There are 23k active users on right now (8.7k arrived this week). Registrations are closed but invite links work. You can create an invite link from "Invite people" link or preferences page.

I have added 2 mods to the team (awaiting response from 3rd candidate), reports are being processed. Nazis can get fucked.

Bitcoin Mastodon: who are Bitmain’s ASIC competitors?

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