hey @SBF_Alameda any chance we can get $QQQ on FTX

Fastest way to get USDC-> usd in bank account without going through coinbase?

To all the people that adopted "pandemic" dogs and are abandoning them now that lockdown is ending. Fuck you

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50 years after the invention of public-key cryptography and 30 years after the Cypherpunks made it their mission to wrest control of cryptography from the government, we will have Schnorr signatures on the Bitcoin’s public blockchain, securing individual freedom.


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Step 1: block @AwyeeDeaterBob

Step 2: retweet this

Prediction: It’s BTC szn. Alts gonna get rekt.

Was anyone able to recover some episodes of the Bitcoin Uncensored podcast? It was a gem and I’m so sad it got deleted 😭

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El Salvador plans to start mining with geothermal, 100% clean energy, from the nations volcanoes.

literally creates rainbows. 🌈

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well el salvador isn’t a real country

ok it’s a country but it’s too small to matter

ok it matters but legal tender doesn’t mean anything

ok it means something but they won’t pass the law

the law just passed. bitcoin is legal tender in el salvador. have fun staying poor

It still amazes me I can sync the entire bitcoin blockchain with a 12 year old hard drive in under 2 days

It's really simple. If you don't have fundamental belief in what you are holding, you will panic dump it when it goes down.

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First El Salvador. Then Paraguay. Then Brazil. Then Panama.

Sure some of them may be pure PR stunts. But they expand the Overton window. They make people think the unthinkable. Only then may the unthinkable be willed into reality.

ETH Maxis saying that the el salvador news is "nothing" is cringe af because if it happened to Ethereum they would be circle jerking and obnoxiously spewing "EtH Is UlTrA SoUnD MoNeY"

Toxic ETH Maxis get shut down by Vlad lmao. The amount of toxic maximalism coming from the ETH side lately has been super cringe to say the least
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@scott_lew_is ETH isn't money.. so all of this is counterproductive 🤷

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When I was a bit less old

With quirky wallets and shaky exchanges

We dreamed of a world where billionaires go on stage in front of 10,000 people to talk about

Where nation states ask for our help instead of fighting us

Sorry if our dreams coming true make you cringe

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The exchange FTX just bought the largest e-sports team in the world, Team Solo Mid, for $210 Million.

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