So Lord Fusitua's famous "plan" to make the currency of Tonga end up in being a failed project converted into buying a DeFi bank and push back tongans to use USD and VISA

In other words... Lord Fusitua is buying back all BTC from people giving them shitcoin USD. Nice plan.

"Brilliant" plan Lord Fusitua...

Instead of helping tongan people to use as sovereign money and be sovereign people, you just put them back into fiat slavery.

You just act like predator bankster with them: "give me your valuable BTC and I will give you back these nice shiny VISA cards loaded with worthless USD", leeching poor people, what we should expect from a politician?

A question for Lord Fusitua:
instead of buying a Defi bank, why you didn't start with Bitcoin education for tongan people?

How many educational programs in teaching people about how to use Bitcoin as money, wallets, nodes, privacy etc, you run or organize in your country, for your people?

Because if you really want them to be free from fiat world, you have to start with education, not with ripping them off with VISA cards.

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