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"Corona" is the "virus" with the best marketing team behind.
If Police pig will stop you for not wearing a mask, just ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY BODY? That's slavery and as far I know, I am a sovereign man.
Same apply with your money.
If your gov ask you about paying tax, ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY WORK LABOR? That's slavery as far I know. I am a sovereign man so I USE BITCOIN - SOVEREIGN MONEY!

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eat ramen —> stack sats (works)
no (buying) bits —> no choco (works)
buy high —> sell low (just joking)
buy low —> HODL (works)
stack sats <— don't stay poor (like shitcoiners)
avoid the creeps —> noKYC (as much is possible)
Today's ATH —> Tomorrow's bottom low

If you're a Bitcoiner who doesn't spend much you need to come down here to & start practicing now.
The day 2 day experience has been hugely important for me to help understand the path forward.
ES offers an amazing opportunity to test out your btc thesis IRL.


How to use those awesome new Bolt Cards without a CoinCorner account

LN developers, please when will have serious fixing of the buggy code in all LN implementations?

1. Force closures
2. Path finding
3. better algorithm for channel fees

We don't need tokens and crap stablecoins on LN, we need LN to work as it was supposed to work.

Explain this Flat earthers.
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Well this is incredible — photographer Eric Brummel (@Brummo) stabilized his camera to capture the earth's rotation 🤯

Question: Can someone help me, how can I withdraw the money I have in Luna at

Answer: What money?


Recently tried @RoboSats the first time. Took only like 2 minutes, paying 2 hodl invoices and like 5 lines of chat with the buyer to sell the bottom, but with 5% premium!
Tor-only, no trace onchain.
Check it out with my ref link (earns 100 sats per trade): robosats6tkf3eva7x2voqso3a5wco
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🥳 Woah! RoboSats has reached 2 BTC of total contracted volume!

59 days from 0 to …

Surprisingly there are still politicians with brains out there...

For spanish speakers, here is a nice collection of material about Lightning Network

Stop using fiat banks!
You run a node? Good!
Now you can be The Bank of LNBits for your fellow friends.
Here is a guide.

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