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"Corona" is the "virus" with the best marketing team behind.
If Police pig will stop you for not wearing a mask, just ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY BODY? That's slavery and as far I know, I am a sovereign man.
Same apply with your money.
If your gov ask you about paying tax, ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY WORK LABOR? That's slavery as far I know. I am a sovereign man so I USE BITCOIN - SOVEREIGN MONEY!

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eat ramen —> stack sats (works)
no (buying) bits —> no choco (works)
buy high —> sell low (just joking)
buy low —> HODL (works)
stack sats <— don't stay poor (like shitcoiners)
avoid the creeps —> noKYC (as much is possible)
Today's ATH —> Tomorrow's bottom low

You can't let price drive your mood.
That's going to be a miserable way to live.
Zoom way tf out and enjoy life.

The best way to "protest" is:
- stop paying taxes
- stop going to work, in mass
- stop buying stuff from big chains, start using BTC and drop using any fiat money and banks. support all those merchants that stay open and accept BTC
- just sit or walk in a park, do NOTHING. Just be there as a free man.
- do not obey any orders, rules, statutes, just deny, say nothing else, say NO
- do not let the fear conquer you. They will threaten you, STAND YOUR GROUND. Freedom is more important than death.

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I am asking myself:
- why these awake people not going to protest ALL days, why just saturdays or in announced days? What is most dangerous, losing your job or losing your freedom? If you do not have freedom, you do not have a job anyway, you have only slave work...
- are all these people paying taxes? If they still continue to pay, then the protest is meaningless.
- are these people run away when police army come at 20:00 and disperse them? Like OK the show is over, can go home now.

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For all those that were "protesting in weekend". Nice initiative but is totally USELESS.
Change "protest" with DO NOT OBEY ANY ORDERS. The word NO is more powerful than you think.

@beachbardave It's a feature not a bug. Bitcoiners use telegram so they can onboard easily more nocoiners.
In the last years I onboarded so many nocoiners just by showing them in telegram how to use @lntxbot and give them sat tips

Wow, this is actually really cool:

Great content, sign in with LN, and give or earn sats for posts and comments.


Four Tips For Running A Profitable Lightning Network Node

"Running a node is more of an art because each individual channel needs its own unique care and attention."

Written by @ErinEMalone

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