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eat ramen —> stack sats (works)
no (buying) bits —> no choco (works)
buy high —> sell low (just joking)
buy low —> HODL (works)
stack sats <— don't stay poor (like shitcoiners)
avoid the creeps —> noKYC (as much is possible)
Today's ATH —> Tomorrow's bottom low

no drawings or stickers were harmed in the making of this film 👍
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Presenting... my Rude Unboxing of a parcel that I got yesterday from @bitkoyinowsky 😜

your friendly neighborhood space cheetah here reminding you to
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who's stacking the shit out of the dip?

STOP using fiat money!
You are feeding these beasts, these scumbags. Meanwhile they they shut down your business and steal your money, inflation benefits only these scumbags.
USE , cut their legs!

SCAM ALERT ! FRAUD ALERT ! - start the procedures for EXIT SCAM !
Users deposits are not done (even after weeks) and support is only replying with lies like "technical problems".
Withdrawals still working, but not for long.
Seems that behind this company are the old fraudsters from OneCoin scam.

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Did you read this article?
Well now you can Listen!🎧

Giacomo Zucco's amazing piece,
Bitcoin & the Hopf Cycle of the Internet🔥

@TheCryptoconomy @giacomozucco @btc

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I'm hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper, as distributed by Satoshi under the MIT license with the original Bitcoin code, on this site:

Knowing how to use Bitcoin will be considered basic financial literacy.

Not everyone in the world will be able to own a whole , but there's plenty of fun to go around. ☮️

ETH is not a shitcoin. ETH is not a scam.

ETH is technocratic communism disguised as a cryptocurrency.

Communism took away our freedom by attempting to centralize all decisions and micro-decisions taken by every citizen at any time.

ETH attempts to do the same, except that instead of giving up your free will to a government, you give it to on-chain smart contracts.

Nocoiners are right to fear and despise Bitcoin. It is a threat to their way of life

Money laundering is a crime invented to arrest people when they can’t prove an actual crime was committed.

They idea that you have to prove your money was honestly obtained, rather than prosecutors having to prove it has an illicit origin is inherently totalitarian

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@udiWertheimer Try:

WhatSat @joostjgr
Juggernaut @JohnCantrell97
SendMany @fusion44
@sphinx_chat @sphinxtagram
@_PyBlock_ @curly60e

⚡️ Chat Apps P2P

Great episode. Pumpeeet.
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The latest Bitcoin Standard Podcast is out!

We host @PrestonPysh to discuss whether this bull market is different.

Will we get another 80%+ crash?

Or does institutional money mean no more tears as Number can only Go Up from now on?

Listen & subscribe!

Before the youtube ban hits we have some fresh telegram mirrors up for RHR and Dispatch.

Citadel Dispatch:

@maxkeiser has joined the chat at $50,000 on @bisq_network. @mattodell @maxtannahill @Diverter_NoKYC @TFTC21

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