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"Corona" is the "virus" with the best marketing team behind.
If Police pig will stop you for not wearing a mask, just ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY BODY? That's slavery and as far I know, I am a sovereign man.
Same apply with your money.
If your gov ask you about paying tax, ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY WORK LABOR? That's slavery as far I know. I am a sovereign man so I USE BITCOIN - SOVEREIGN MONEY!

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eat ramen —> stack sats (works)
no (buying) bits —> no choco (works)
buy high —> sell low (just joking)
buy low —> HODL (works)
stack sats <— don't stay poor (like shitcoiners)
avoid the creeps —> noKYC (as much is possible)
Today's ATH —> Tomorrow's bottom low

A controversial post because of:
- I was pushing Tor-only also to help privacy and avoid questions re NAT traversal
- should have pivoted earlier

See this issue to discuss hybrid mode (clearnet, I2P and Tor) for Bitcoin Core on home nodes by default:

Amazing speech by President @nayibbukele at the UN!

"I bring you the greetings from the land of surf🏄, volcanos🌋, coffee☕️, peace🕊️, 🪙 and freedom🆓".



RT @LightRider5
Go to El Salvador 🇸🇻 and establish a data center.
Provide VPS, VMs or dedicated servers. Many companies are in demand for hosting services with an IP address in a Bitcoin friendly jurisdiction.

I dedicate this LNbits guide to all those node runners with a bundle software.
I hope will give you more hints about how to run a LNBits server.

If you have friends or some bitcoin haters telling you about the recent charts from mempool, saying that LN is centralized, and you are too bored to explain them how things are working... I wrote a simple explanation for them

Deceive the spooks by embedding your secrets in media files. This one is all about plausible deniability and misdirection. Done as securely as possible, off-line in Linux Tails.

They create a fantasy and put it on the news.
Then you go out and live according to the fantasy, thereby making it real.
This is their black magic and it doesn't work without YOU.
STOP CONSENTING their black magic!

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