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"Corona" is the "virus" with the best marketing team behind.
If Police pig will stop you for not wearing a mask, just ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY BODY? That's slavery and as far I know, I am a sovereign man.
Same apply with your money.
If your gov ask you about paying tax, ask: ARE YOU THE OWNER OF MY WORK LABOR? That's slavery as far I know. I am a sovereign man so I USE BITCOIN - SOVEREIGN MONEY!

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eat ramen —> stack sats (works)
no (buying) bits —> no choco (works)
buy high —> sell low (just joking)
buy low —> HODL (works)
stack sats <— don't stay poor (like shitcoiners)
avoid the creeps —> noKYC (as much is possible)
Today's ATH —> Tomorrow's bottom low

To help starting out with ⚡️ nodes added three different categories:
* Merchant
* Spending
* Routing
and the related basic principles to:

If finding it useful now can send some sats to this static lnurl-pay QR code at

And people still believe in this PLANdemic... guy posing in white protection costume digging a hole, to be filmed

And people still believe in this PLANdemic... it's all a theater.
Plastic bags filled with papers posed as dead bodies to be filmed.

Skellig Islands ["Star Wars Island"] Ireland.
Might be a wee windy.

Scientific FRAUD.
Prosecute now.
RT @AlisonBlunt
1) "The Initiators of the Corona Crisis Have Been Clearly Identified - Virologists - who claim the existence of disease-causing viruses are committing scientific fraud and must be be prosecuted"

I have never seen a person with more bad luck than him^^

Something for the whole community: a simple Bitcoin brochure, to be printed and distributed.
Thanks to @Letter6173 for some modifications
Can be printed on A4 landscape and folded in 3 parts, with text inside.
Here is also a pdf to download

For the crime of shitcoin-scamming the Bitcoin public court sentences you to HFSP.

"If a determined state gets its act together and moves with intention, it could potentially eliminated the need to tax its citizens into perpetuity, establish energy independence, and quietly+peacefully secede from the Federal Government."
At last.Secession.
Bitcoin is Planetary
RT @martybent
Humans will migrate to small city states erected around stranded energy sources that will be leveraged to mine which will be funneled…

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